Social Business Models

Social Business Models

Social Business Models | innovation transformation communitySocial business models are all built on the Social Channel of Value, which is currently usurping “value” away from product features. Sociology and anthropology studies consistently show that humans’ primary survival strategy is living in groups. Sociality is hard-coded into our DNA. We prize social experiences about almost anything else. The digitization of sociality is utterly transformational for us because it enables us to socialize far more.

Service As Marketing (SvcMktg)

Old-style business runs Customer Service as a cost center whose operations it tries to minimize. Meanwhile, Marketing spends millions on TV models to rave about the company’s products. Service As Marketing (SAM) redefines both functions and makes them relevant in the Social Channel. Now, solving people’s problems in public digital social venues holds the key to displaying your products’ usefulness and your confidence and dedication to customers—to prospective customers. Transparent service is the best marketing, and when you do this right, customers help other customers solve problems.

First, the company creates a public online support community in which it encourages all […]

Christopher S. Rollyson: Professional Speaker on B2B Social Business

social business professional speaker & enterprise adoptionsocial business professional speaker & the social network roadmap

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Thanks for your interest. Customer Experience Professional Speaker

Christopher S. Rollyson | Professional Speaker | Experiential Social Media, Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, Social BusinessI invite you to hear me speak about strategic and tactical issues of social technology-related disruption, and how to […]

Web 3.0 and Social Business—2011 Predictions & Recommendations [Full version]

Web 3.0 and Social Business—2011 Predictions and Recommendations describes a turning point, away from social media to social business. SocialTech Grows Up—Relationship the Foundation of Business Success—Digital Clodhoppers Become Sore Thumbs.

2011_Predict2011 will mark a turning point in the adoption of digital social technologies because the experimentation phase is drawing to a close, and stakeholder expectations are increasing. Organizations and people will no longer gain attention by executing badly. At the enterprise level, participation will wane in venues and initiatives that have no business strategy, focus, content strategy and commitment. Paying inexperienced people or agencies to “share” snappy content will expose brands as digital clodhoppers and push customers away. Individuals will also have to improve their game and focus on the most relevant people in their networks. Stop sending default invitations on LinkedIn. Proactively support people whom you respect and trust the most. The theme is determining and executing on strategy, focus and commitment.

In 2011, the bar to attract and hold attention will be higher, which will present organizations with a new threat: when participation falls, some executives will conclude that […]

Telecom & Music Highlight Social Business Cases at L.A. Conference

Executives from Deutsche Telekom and Concord Music will highlight the morning session of pre-conference led by Christopher S. Rollyson at the Social Networking Conference June 16 in L.A. The pre-conference is a bootcamp for directors of social networking initiatives who want to understand and practice emerging best practices for strategy, tactics and project management. […]

Social Networking Bootcamp Combines Strategy, Management & Practice

The morning session focuses on strategy, planning and management of enterprise social network initiatives and will feature several speakers who are currently leading businesses and initiatives. The afternoon will focus on practice and show live example/demos of using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and blogging tools for marketing campaigns […]

Preview: L.A. Enterprise Social Networking Bootcamp to Feature Executive Speakers

The Pre-Conference morning session is an intensive onramp to planning, launching and managing effective B2B and B2C enterprise social network initiatives involving any combination of internal (private, white label) and external (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube…) platforms. […]

Social Networking Conference Miami 2010 Wrap: Market Opportunities, Good Practices

Social networks change the economics of relationships because finding, developing and maintaining relationships is far less costly… Watch the migration from Friendster=>MySpace=>Facebook=>? It was relatively fast, people are mobile… Don’t think you are getting anything for free. Even if you are not paying cash, your interactions and position are building a rich data repository for Google or whoever else is providing “free” services […]

American Express: Bearish U.S. Economy Will Drive Social Networking Adoption

The use of social networking sites will increase; people will shift to a strong family focus because they will be poorer. Older workers will get computer literate due to going back to work and working longer. […]

Fraud in Social Networks: FBI Countercrime Initiatives

It’s more obvious than ever that the same crimes are committed (think “calamity,” not “Katrina”), but perpetrators switch interfaces. For example, my experience of the London scam happened via Facebook chat. Abstract up from the communications process or the subject and you’ll be more aware of the patterns. […]

Case Study: IBM's Experience with B2B Social Business

The example was IBM’s corporate social responsibility and green initiative. They realized it would be incongruent or unsavory to have a (physical) conference for green initiatives in which people would burn tons of CO2 getting there, so they held it in Second Life. The sales conversion ratio was equal to physical conferences. […]