Tanti Auguri
Frohe Weinachten
Joyeux NoŽl
Warmest Season's Greetings
Best wishes for a marvelous holiday season and wonderful new year!†

< ;-)

Message 1998

Hi All,

Just as I was completing this year's print order of holiday cards, I froze.

Something made me catch myself, and I wondered why I had almost followed
the time-honored means of sharing my holiday cheer.† Of course I knew, it
was an area to which I hadn't yet applied my e-connected headset, an area
which hadn't yet experienced (r)e-thinking.† Then I wondered, anyway, how
many of you still have credenzas on which to display your holiday cards?
(probably not too many of you)

I mention this story because it reflects one of the key challenges posed by
e-commerce, rethinking assumptions.† Most of my work these days is helping
companies to address the e-business model in some way, and we do it by
rethinking their businesses to take advantage of web applications' ability
to bring them closer to their customers.† Often, as in my example here, the
purpose does not change (being grateful and sharing on the holiday season),
rather the means of action changes, often in unexpected ways.† That's what
makes it so much fun.

So, with that, I'm happy to present my home-grown e-holiday card:

I did it myself because Blue Mountain Arts didn't have just the thing.† If
you like the music and want to hear again, just reload.† The clip is about
2 minutes and does not require too long to load, even at 28.8.† There are
also two links on the card: hit the multicolored circle logo to read more
about e-commerce stuff or the PwC logo for a snapshot of what management
consulting looks like around here.

I wish you the very best wishes for the holiday season and a fantastic new

Cheers, Chris
Christopher S. Rollyson
Knowledge Management|Internet Strategy Leader
IT Strategy Consulting Practice

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