Social Networks and Platforms Are Customer Hubs

Are you getting business results from social media?

Most brands have given up on “hard” business results, but you don’t have to join them. Instead of paying your agencies to push content, learn how to interact with customers in major platforms to increase trust and profits.

The Executive’s Guide to Social Networks advises social business teams on the strategies and tactics for interacting on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blogging, geosocial and more. Brands and firms can learn to build relationship and business very efficiently by leveraging each platform’s uniqueness.

Access each guide in the horizontal navbar:

  • LinkedIn (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) accesses each platform guide, which is packed with our posts, case studies, the best of the Web and other features to help you get best business results from each—for your brand, business or career.
  • Other Platforms assembles thought leadership and links about YouTube, Foursquare, Pinterest and others not covered elsewhere.
  • AllPosts gives you all EGSN thought leadership on social networks, platforms, strategy and tactics as well as platform-specific posts.
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