Helps Executives Tap Online Social Networks

The Executive's Guide to LinkedIn addresses the chasm between online social networks and executives of established businesses and governments. Most leaders are too busy running their organizations to keep current on increasingly pervasive online networks like LinkedIn. They are largely unaware of how the networks work and how they might use them to increase their relevance in a rapidly digitizing world.

Developed by Christopher S. Rollyson, an accomplished management consultant and marketing executive, The Executive's Guide enables leaders to rapidly:

  • Appreciate LinkedIn's relevance to themselves and their organizations
  • Assess if, when and how to use LinkedIn, personally or organizationally
  • Understand how LinkedIn's privacy tools work and maintain security
  • Develop effective pilot programs to drive revenue and reduce cost
  • Engage peers, clients, partners and social groups more collaboratively
  • Address the expanding universe of other online networks and Web 2.0 resources: Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, blogs, wikis and social tagging

The Executive's Guide comprises numerous services and tools designed for individuals, groups and enterprises


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The Executive's Guide to LinkedIn is a professional service offered by CSRA, a management consultancy specializing in strategic change

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