Sourcing in the era of the real-time enterprise

Technology now delivers always-on, global connectivity that changes the outsourcing value proposition

The enterprise has new options for transforming its legacy business processes and structures

But sourcing is not conducted collaboratively

Most relationships pay lip service to "win-win" but do not instill collaborative practices or long-term relationships

47% of outsourcing buyers abnormally terminated at least one outsourcing relationship in 2005*

Innovation success hinges on collaboration, yet 96% of corporate innovation initiatives fail**

Transourcing™ drives tactical and strategic value

It boosts ROI for outsourcing and innovation initiatives

It builds the networked real-time enterprise iteratively while realizing incremental value

It develops the capability to engage emerging markets

*DiamondCluster 2006 Global IT Outsourcing Study | **Doblin 2006

Christopher S. Rollyson

Chris Rollyson has been a visionary and pioneer in enterprise transformation for over 15 years. He has had a leading role in launching such game-changing offerings as: Java with Sun, e-business transformation with PwC Consulting, and SOA, Web services and architecture solutions with nVISIA and IBM.

Transourcing™ is a new consulting approach that changes the rules of competitiveness.

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