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  business strategy for B2B startups/spinouts
  e-business strategy for global enterprises

Christopher S. Rollyson

Summer 2000
value chain transformation

==>The power of lower costs of interaction


(Re)invent businesses that create value in revolutionary ways

Increase revenue while reducing cost of sales and service

Understand and optimize customer value

Transform alliance, partner and vendor relationships into value networks


  • Acceleration for B2B ventures begins with physics
  • Why knowledge is real and critical to e-business
  • When to adopt e-business to outmaneuver competitors
  • What an electronic enterprise looks like
  • How to launch and grow an e-business that along with your existing company
  • Where to develop assets that take your competitors by surprise


==>The lever of e-business


Use technology-driven cost advantage to drive investments that create significant competitive advantage

Internet, extranet and intranet applications
that drive business value

know|edge Strategy

==>The heart of e-business

The knowledge enterprise

Creating and managing knowledge products to leverage the value of networks

  global is the default

    ==>Knocking at a portal near you


Are you there?

Anticipate cross-cultural complexity and opportunity


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