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Major developments, since 1998!

About/Site Log

This log dates from the site's inception, beginning from its first incarnation (see the first iteration) to the newest content. It's been sporadic, and of course there have been constant tweakings that are not reflected here; these are more major additions, repairs and maintenance.

January 2008

Restructuring along key axes: gently leveraging Web 2.0 technologies and content from the Global Human Capital Journal. Amazing how the "online journal" (blog) concept enables content because my content has exploded since September 2006. Seized a window to do a major upgrade:

  • "Reports" is a major new category of thought leadership in Resources. They bundle my coverage of major conferences and summits that offer in-depth treatments of topics like: social networking/Web 2.0, enterprise 2.0 in investment banking, CEO/CMO topics, CIO topics, the transformation of advertising, etc.
  • "Advisories" are terse statements about breaking threats and opportunities as well as general guidance for responding to them to make your company more competitive.
  • got a total overhaul and is now much better integrated into and has completely new content. A clear description of my consulting approach and services.
  • Professional Services Directory now a shell for my tags, and it builds the table on the fly; in effect, I'm syndicating content from myself automatically, very exciting as time is limited and is still hard to look at for most mortals.
  • New "Emerging Issues" page is likewise fed by on select strategic topics of interest to me; I share some of the most compelling articles I've read on (currently) Web 2.0, investment banking and globalization (emerging markets, India, China)
  • The Vision directory is gone; folded thought leadership into two main repositories in "Resources": 1) Reports and Advisories and 2) Papers, Articles and annual Wrap-ups.
  • Prologue 2008 is a brief retrospective that also looks forward.
  • Extensive admin clean-up of templates and directories; adjusted taxonomy.

September 2006

Major relaunch and modernization:

  • Finally implemented cascading style sheets, and templated all pages. It was a time investment I'd put off for too long! Really worth it, though. This was actually a training ground for other sites as well.
  • Reorganized site structure/tree.
  • Modernized and simplified look/feel.
  • Added legal and privacy pages.
  • Added breadcrumb-style subnavigation.

14 January 2006

Housecleaning and refreshing content:

  • Cleaned up all headers and fixed intermittent link issues on main navbar.
  • Restructured Dossier directory, added recent papers to Papers, and converted all papers to pdfs.
  • New home page design.
  • Added to introductory copy to Resources, Dossier and Quals.
  • Updated copyright notice for 2006.

17 November 2005

Have embarked on a much-needed recasting of the site, post e-business, which will unfold iteratively. This issue tackles some of the most pressing housekeeping tasks, while I work on restructuring the site and adding significant new content later this year:

  • Much needed overhaul of Resources folder; preliminary clean-up of "Links" page; updated Consulting directory (recast as "Professional Services Directory"); updated Groups and Associations page, which had taken a significant hit during the technology bubble bust.
  • Band-Aid sitemap deployed to be in place until new structure released.
  • Updated In the News page to reflect the last 3 years.
  • Offshore and outsourcing channel launched; several others will come on line by the end of the year.
  • New home page.


  • Few content changes, only minimum housekeeping (don't look in the corners, ugh! ;-).

31 December 2002

26 December 2001

31 October 2001

19 September 2001

21 July 2001

17 March 2001

21 February 2001

  • Released eight new case studies/success stories that highlight some of my work during the last decade (Internet time, of course ;-).
  • Updated CVs.

8 February 2001

12 December 2000

30 October 2000

Too many things to mention specifically, as I relaunched the entire site.  Here are the highlights:

8 August 2000

  • Deployed, updating all links to reflect tweaks in directory structure (site had been hosted at
  • Changed email references from "" to "".

All links below refer to the first iteration of, as it more clearly reflects how the site looked at the time.

7 July 2000

  • Added full versions of all white papers to dossier. Added muse on B2B acceleration. Updated CVs.
  • Tweaked home page.

30 March 2000

  • Added slides from Midwest Academy of Management Conference presentation. Updated front page with new messages.
  • Added bios to CV page.

12 February 2000

  • Added new editions of e-business strategy white papers. Tweaked CVs and engagements to reflect recent work. Removed music file to save space, 1999 holiday greeting card and annual wrap-up remain here.
  • Removed 1998 card and message to save space.

30 December 1999

  • Added Resources to Buzz page, including 100s of useful links. Added new messages to home page. 1999 holiday greeting card, annual wrap-up. Reloaded 1998 card and message. Added Vision and Predictions page. Tweaked business card to reflect promotion at PricewaterhouseCoopers.
  • Tweaked CVs.

15 October 1999

  • This iteration is very uneven in that some parts of the site still need refreshment; however, some key new content added. Added new messages to home page. Added summaries of recent publications and links to downloadable pdfs. Tweaked business card.
  • Updated CVs.

22 December 1998

15 October 1998

  • Added releases to Buzz page. Changed business card to reflect new position at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Updated CV. Added external links to Expertise Matrix.
  • Updated Contact page.

1 August 1998

  • Added success stories and engagements to Engagement Dossier. Added KM information throughout the site. Tweaked first page to reflect KM specialization.
  • Redesigned Buzz page.

17 May 1998

14 May 1998

  • Muse: What are "Knowledge Systems"? Redesigned this page
  • Web version of my CV

11 May 1998

  • Musing
  • This page!

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