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Cases and Projects

Here is an html version of engagement summaries.  This is the most current available.  In addition, see Case Studies, which are more selective and detailed.

  • Engagement Manager for vision and development of new service offering co-launched by Big Five and global Internet consultancy.  Set up skunk works to develop offering, and developed two-pronged approach to address profitability of websites. Rapidly developed multi-stage analytical and delivery framework to marry design and marketing strengths of Internet partner with Big Five process, strategy and in-depth technology expertise.  Brought design/user experience issues to CxO level due to strategic approach and vision of the problem. 
  • Relationship and engagement manager for strategic partnership with e-services startup with supply chain focus.  Provide business strategy input.
  • Engagement manager on e-business strategy for technology- and services-focused recruiting and development organization.  Led creation of strategy for e-transformation of traditional business processes.
  • Technology strategy lead for e-business strategy for market-leading bricks and mortar home products company.  Involved IT assessment and coaching executive team through formulating the e-business strategy.
  • Strategy lead on engagement for e-markets/electronic community start-up in which formulated business plan and advised CeO on presenting business proposition to secure new round of funding.  Organized competitive intelligence, and helped to manage rapid dynamic teaming process that focused start-upâs unique resources to create high growth potential unique selling propositions.  Created rapid development implementation plan for e-business and IT strategy.
  • Technology strategy lead for knowledge strategy engagement with global telecoms services and devices corporation.  Provide Internet and knowledge strategy expertise to 8-person project team, with accountability for planning and executing the technology part of the knowledge solution.  Created strong working relationships with several areas of the Firm to expedite rapid deployment of the solution.
  • Engagement manager for global knowledge strategy and implementation for global consulting firm.  Created teams in all theaters of operation, and designed iterative engagement plan that enabled the flexibility necessary to organize collaborative effort among teams facing varied constraints and states of readiness.  Built alliances with other firm groups that enabled significant cooperation and efficient use of resources as well as enhanced impact of knowledge solution.
  • Subject matter expert for e-business readiness assessment and strategy for major energy-related professional association.  Played key role in complex assessment that took into account association and member activities.  Partnered with engagement manager to produce presentation deliverable; assisted with strategic account planning.
  • As subject matter expert for e-commerce engagement for consumer electronics company, provided leading edge research and strategic guidance to team advising client on mission-critical launch of e-commerce website.  Created and applied innovative analytical techniques to assist client to identify and address key issues relevant to launching a competitive site.  Advised team on strategic vendor selection.
  • As subject matter expert for e-business strategy consulting team, played key role in creating e-business strategy agenda for global consultancyâs chemicals and energy group.  Provided leading edge market analysis, and created original model for market development.  Directly contributed to major new market offering.
  • As subject matter expert for automotive e-commerce strategy engagement, played significant role in creating visionary presentation that presented convergence of automotive industry and e-commerce.  Led teamâs rethinking of ãconventional wisdomä regarding e-commerce impact on marketsâ expectations of time to market, product specialization and relationship management.  Moved project teamâs expectations and assumptions in line with market dynamics.  Introduced several key concepts regarding e-commerce market, contributed Website Adoption Curve/Life Cycle Model as well as strategy for channel conflict.  Identified key issues such as incompatibility of e-commerce (short life cycle, interactive, prosumer, ãpullä outlook) and auto industry (long life cycle, internal, consumer, ãpushä outlook), and helped to address.  Contributed to initial project design, transferred knowledge to project team, and completed early due to knowledge transfer achieved.
  • As engagement manager, designed and led implementation of strategy engagement to advise executive team of market-leading software company on likely impact of the software companyâs product line transformation from COBOL to Java architecture.  Researched insurance trends for Internet-based transactions as well as customer base reaction to major technology initiative, and anticipated how industry would adopt web applications.  Challenged view that new software would just ãput a web front endä on existing COBOL product, and informed executive team that the new product direction would enable them to transform their company due to vastly shrunk time to market for new products and increased customer focus.  Recommended approach for client to make aggressive market move into new segment by organizing around e-business model and educating strategic partners and customer base on opportunities gained by change in technology profile.  Credited by CIO with moving the executive team far ahead in its thinking.  Leveraged findings to generate enthusiasm within organization to mobilize for major change; garnered broad support for paradigm shift by involving majority of functions and departments in information gathering and interpretation. 
  • As Engagement Manager, designed and implemented knowledge infrastructure to drive revenue growth of 12-state (U.S.) region of global services organization.  Conducted needs assessment, created communications and knowledge processes, and led implementation of technology/knowledge solution.  Aligned technology with business strategy, and reengineered marketing and communications processes to drive cross-selling among service and product groups.  Built intranet to serve as knowledge repository and distribution network.  Trained and mentored project staff in intranet development and workflow analysis.  Engagement reduced marketing, practice management and administrative costs while enhancing responsiveness to business development and client service opportunities. 
  • For global services organization, managed engagement in which outlined design for knowledge management-oriented customer intimacy solution to be delivered through customer extranets.  Designed engagement to: 1) reduce cost of service by enabling client customers to access work as it was being performed, 2) drive additional revenue through high-value clients and 3) convert prospects away from competitors.  Projected involvement of client project professionals as well as 16 high-value customers and prospects, inviting them to participate in R&D beta extranet program.
  •  As engagement manager, co-launched paradigm-shifting technology via strategic marketing alliance.  Managed relationship between leading edge consulting boutique and global hardware/software/services corporation; utilized boutique's pioneering implementation of new technology with Fortune 500 client as success story to validate new technology.  Executed aggressive campaign to promote success of new technology.  Authored white paper that defined best practices and contributed to successful expansion to Europe and the Pacific Rim.
  • Co-launched Internet/intranet business unit for systems integrator.  Conducted competitive analysis, and helped to formulate marketing plan.  Led development of Internet sites, directing consultants and staff.  Developed corporate intranet to showcase new business unitâs expertise and leverage knowledge.  Created and implemented models to transform marketing communications processes from passive ãpushä to active ãpull,ä centering on interactivity.
  • As engagement manager, conducted strategic and operational assessment of high visibility technology-oriented PR and business development program, and led program execution.  Advised and mentored practice managers in business development processes, and directed marketing team in executing program processes.  Select results were: program participation rose by 50%; finale attendance record exceeded by 25%; programâs relationship building capacity expanded by 400% through introducing new participant value track; significantly increased ongoing marketing leverage through new participant logo identity program in which participants promoted themselves as well as the program itself.
  • Led marketing contribution to restructuring of systems integrator with five business units.  Evaluated sales processes, and created new sales management model.
  • Coached hundreds of individuals and groups on organizational change and work habits.  Extensive experience with training and motivating people at all organization levels to become aware of and to change their work goals and processes.

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