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Knowledge Strategy for Global Electronics Company—Kstrelects.html

Global Marketing Alliance for U.S. Launch of Paradigm-shifting Technology—Jchasm.html

Knowledge Management Infrastructure for Big Five Consultancy—kmbig5.html

Business Strategy for Corporate Spin-off Launching B2B Marketing Services Website—MktgComty.html

E-Business Strategy/Transformation for Market Leading Software Company—eBsw.html

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The State of Social Networking and Web 2.0, October 2007—external

Enterprise 2.0 in Capital Markets, September 2007—external

Consumer Market Disruption via Mobility and Social Networks, August 2007—external

Success Breeds Disappearance in Outsourcing, September 2006—external

In the Words of Enterprise CEOs—external

From the Enterprise CIO's Desktop—external


Enterprise 2.0—Game-Changer for Investment Banks—external

Consumer Empowerment—A Rare Innovation Opportunity—external

Point of View

Transourcing Will Transform the Enterprise—external

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The Knowledge Economy: The Ultimate Context for Understanding the Future—external

21st Century Drivers for Innovation and Collaboration—21st_century_drivers.html

Agility on Tap: Demystifying the Virtues of Virtualization—external

Outsourcing, the IT of 2005-2015—external

Using an Enterprise Integration Competency Center to Drive Success with Enterprise SOA and Web Services—external

Service-oriented Architecture for the Enterprise: A Roadmap—external

Driving Investments in Enterprise Adaptiveness with Business-critical Initiatives—external

Changing the Economics of Enterprise Software Development—external

Technology Investing in 2001—techinvest2001.html

The Electronic Communications Revolution: View from 2001—ecrev2001.html

Strategic approaches: global enterprises (BAMs)—approach-BAM.html

Strategic approaches: startups and spinouts—approach-Sup.html

E-Business Market Development: the Rise of the Extended Enterprise—PwCeBextentprise31.pdf

Communications Economics of Electronic Communities—PwCeconCommties32-1.PDF

Using E-Business Strategies to Drive Value Chain Transformation—PwCeBadoptcrv3.PDF

Using Websites to Transform Customer Relationships—PwCWebAdoptCrv3.PDF

Wrap-ups and Predictions

2007 Annual Wrap-up—external

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Ideas and Insights

The Intractable Delight of the Automobile—external

Mashing up Edison and Weinberger—external

A Complete Launch Strategy—launchstrat.html

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