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Social Business Seminar WidgetThe Experiential Social Media Seminar Widget assists you to explore a seminar or workshop to guide your team in experiential social media, social business, digital marketing or digital transformation. Use the widget to tell me about your team’s situation and goals. The widget will help us set up an exploratory call where we’ll discuss how to give your team the confidence it needs to perform at the next level. That’s all there is to it!

Seminars are usually half a day or less and address strategic topics while workshops last 1-2 days and entail extensive interaction and team exercises. Bootcamps are long workshops and are usually held offsite. I also deliver them at pre-conference or post-conference workshops and corporate retreats.

Seminar Widget Executive Seminar Topics


What’s the situation? Set the scene in a few sentences. Sometimes it can help to answer questions like: What’s your situation right now? What change do you want to make (or what confronts you to make a change)?

Who is involved? Please describe the team and its main players (a sentence or two about each one).

What decisions does the team have to make (but isn’t totally comfortable with)?

What knowledge or understanding does the team need to make a sound decision or take other action?

Why is this important to you and the team? What’s the opportunity or threat? What’s at stake?


What are your goals for resolving the situation you described above? What would be ideal? What would be acceptable? Unacceptable?

What are your goals for the seminar/workshop/bootcamp?

What actionable ideas, techniques and/or tools do you want attendees to take away from the seminar?

Other Vital Information

What’s your sense of urgency for booking the seminar? Within a couple days? A week? A month? Other?

Your contact information: 1) Name/title/division; 2) phone; 3) email; 4) [+ Facetime/Google+/Skype if you’re interest in video conference]

Please list 3 time slots during the next two weeks (with time zones) for a 30-minute exploratory call.

What else I need to know?

Next Steps

All information provided here is confidential, between us and anyone else you involve. Once you hit the Submit button, the widget will notify me, and I’ll be in touch to confirm one of the slots you suggested or an alternative.

Please note, this version of the widget does not allow you to “go back/correct” anything, so please check what you’ve written before you hit the “Show Results” button, which submits your answers. After you hit the button, the widget will show your answers, so you can print/pdf if you want.

If you have any questions or what to tell me about your situation in another way, please contact me or share below.

Executive seminars, workshops and bootcamps are almost always customized to meet the needs of specific teams, so please regard these as examples only. I can deliver any topic in any format, so you can substitute “workshop” or “bootcamp” for “seminar” anywhere on this page.

Experiential Social Media for Nonprofits and Social Impact Organizations

A three-part series, these presentations reveal the new opportunity experiential social media presents nonprofits.

  • How nonprofits can know their donors, volunteers and other stakeholders much more intimately—and engage them to earn more support.
  • How experiential enables nonprofits to take back the ethical premium that most have lost by following social media marketing practices.
  • Understanding and maximizing ethical premium.
  • How you can use experiential to achieve much better business outcomes.
  • Each level of the series adds more advanced techniques and tools for assessing social media platform relevance, organizing volunteer social media teams, measuring intimacy quantitatively and predicting financial results, agile project management, and many more.

Next Generation Customer Experience

Every management journal, university program and podcast is talking about the “new (digital) customer experience,” but what does it mean in terms of your industry and segment? “Next Generation” seminars often involve scenario envisioning to get the team grounded in the limits of digital transformation for your business. They learn how to re-imagine the business as a platform for engaging customers, employees and partners continuously, using mobile, Web, social and big data to create constant collaboration for innovation:

  • What is “next generation” really? Deciphering the hype, understanding what digital means to your industry and sector.
  • Review emerging relevant trends in digital technologies and behavior, including: social business, mobile, smart devices and big data & analytics.
  • Why omni-channel applies to every business, regardless of sector. Developments in digital–analog behaviors (one example is digitizing the retail store).
  • Review of stakeholder adoption of digital technologies, plus a case study review.
  • The team emerges with concrete action steps and projects.
  • Deep dive into customer experience; it probably means something different than your team thinks.

Social Business Strategy and Management

Most enterprises and brands have been pursuing social media within silos that contract their own social media agencies for planning and operations. As social business continues to grow its share of external customer interactions as well as its portion of internal collaboration, most teams are at a loss for how to manage it all. This seminar (workshop, bootcamp) gives the team tools and good practices for managing and coordinating numerous social business initiatives. Typical topics:

  • Vision and strategy: how to start with the end in mind by using strategy to focus social business on supporting the business strategy.
  • The Social Business Life Cycle, from evaluation and strategy to executing in stages: piloting and scaling.
  • Team building tricks of the trade; how to build and propagate good practices among teams. This often includes how to start with volunteers to give teams flexibility.
  • Social business governance delves into the mechanics of social business/social media policies, the importance of the social business competency team in developing and sharing good practices as well as how to develop training and certifications.
  • Trust-based social business metrics; review of several models.
  • Platform review and planning shows the team how to evaluate current social media initiatives, whether on public platforms like Facebook or private IBM Connections communities.

Experiential Social Media Team Building

Leading brands are realizing that customer experience and intimacy require more than agency-generated content. They are adopting hybrid models by bringing select social media operations in-house after many years of outsourcing. Selective insourcing is a growing trend, so this seminar explores its many facets:

  • Using social business strategy to determine the optimal initiatives to begin building the kernel of the social business team.
  • How to partner with agencies to get their support by retaining them where they add value.
  • How to develop mission-critical social business and social media competency based on authority grounded in robust due diligence.
  • Develop the roadmap, with the stages of team building?
  • How do we determine boundaries between what you do internally and what your agencies do?
  • Outlines case studies, models and good practices.

Experiential Social Media and Social Business in Parallel

As discussed in Using Social Media and Social Business Together to Evolve Experience, the “two socials” are distinct practices that will be best operated concurrently in most businesses, so this seminar educates participants in maximizing value from each and both together.

  • Social media and social business: similarities, differences, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Stakeholders’ behaviors, motivations and outcomes review builds concrete visions for what stakeholders want.
  • How to use marketing-oriented social media to support stakeholder behaviors and outcomes.
  • Using service-based social business to build trust, preference and profit.
  • Designing processes to create synergy among social media and social business teams.

Chief Digital Officer Scoping

This seminar engages boards and executive teams on what digital holds for their organization and businesses. It follows a rigorous due diligence engagement that has determined adoption in their segment(s) and industry, and how they compare to competitors and substitutes. The focus is how to develop digital competency optimally: by hiring a Chief Digital Officer or tasking sitting executives with beefing up digital within existing structures and initiatives. This often includes:

  • Review the social business strategy, which details what kind of “digital” you need to execute your business strategy. Too many executive teams develop costs digital programs without sufficient diligence.
  • The social business strategy details stakeholder adoption and trending expectations. Stakeholders can be external customers, adjacent B2B value chain partners and many others.
  • Review your business’s current digital competencies in light of stakeholder behavior.
  • Gap analysis discussed in terms of stakeholder adoption rate; establish what you need by when to keep or increase relevance.
  • Determine what executive and other talent you need and what organizational changes.

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