Case Study

Case Study: Web 2.0 Introduces New Competitive Vision to Bulge Bracket Bank

Business Challenge

Leading investment bank is a market leader in the pre-Web 2.0 world. Visionary group within bank needed to discover how Web 2.0 and social networks would affect competitive positioning by changing client expectations. Secondarily, group needed to motivate business unit executives to respond to enhance market position.


As engagement partner, assisted sponsors to structure engagement and align with short- and long-term goals. Advised engagement sponsors on market dynamics, and partnered with internal consulting team to create vision and strategy. Produced “proof point” case studies to validate researched hypotheses, and make case for action. Advised consulting team on creating marketing approach, focusing on business unit executives.


Leveraged significant global network of high-tech entrepreneurs, enterprise executives and professional services leaders to discover emerging phenomena relevant to investment banking, wealth management and corporate financial services. Used appropriate social networks and Web 2.0 resources to reduce transaction costs of discovering and collaborating with people worldwide. Built and launched wiki to provide real-time access to breaking information and increase team collaboration.

Advised consulting team principals on increasing the group’s growth within the bank. Counseled on positioning, unique selling proposition, messaging and marketing vehicle design and delivery.


  • Discovered several below the radar disruptive businesses that supported hypotheses and case for action. Potentially breakthrough offerings that illustrated threats and opportunities for the bank.
  • Created collaborative relationships with entrepreneurs and introduced them to the client consulting team.
  • Case studies increased impact of several internal and external presentations to CxO audiences.

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