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Did you know that many professional business processes are grounded in mistrusting clients, customers and employees? Handshakes aren’t good enough (we need policies and consequences). This way of doing business is legally expedient, but the problem is that mistrust is bad for business. I’ve discovered that trust is very, very good for business. Experiential social media rebuilds trust between firms and all their people, so it’s very transformational. In this video, I describe is as “Healing Business.” Transformation can be wide-ranging, so we have a comprehensive process although most engagements only use part of it

We serve clients across all phases of social business adoption life cycle. I create a collaborative engagement team with your employees (and partners) and people from my network. We use the Social Network Roadmap(SM) to mitigate all kinds of risks that plague other firms that begin social business without sufficient due diligence and pursue it without using agile project management.

  • In Feasibility, we assess the digital social web to determine whether the people you care about (“stakeholders”) are interacting on topics relevant to you. We often measure social business adoption among your peer group and adjacent firms in your value chain.
  • In Strategy, we determine your firm’s Top30 digital social venues as a function of your highest priority stakeholders and their relevant workstreams. These venues enable you to generate the highest quality interactions at the lowest cost. Then we assess your unique ability to add value to them based on your core competencies. Your Social Business Strategy will recommend several pilots.
  • In Pilot, we mentor your team in interacting in social venues, so you achieve business-relevant results. That usually means increasing trust and relationship with your stakeholders. We iterate pilots, and the most successful morph into programs. Most pilots have the explicit goal to build your team’s skills in improving relationships by interacting online.
  • In Scale, we advise you on growing social business and building its support infrastructure. This often includes more governance processes, formalizing your Social Business Competency Team and standardizing your internal procedures to empower managers across your firm to sponsor successful projects.
  • In Integration, we advise you on evaluating your legacy communication, marketing and relationships processes and help you unplug legacy processes in favor of social business, which is far more efficient in many ways.
  • More on this in How We Work.

CSRA excels at mentoring to teach new hands-on experiential social media and social business skills to your team and firm.

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