About CSRA: Experiential Social Media & Social Business Consulting

CSRA’s core mission is activating and growing the Trust Business Chain Reaction, a reliable process for boosting business results with experiential social media. As our name suggests, I am the constant here, but I tap a network of hundreds of specialists whom I staff on engagements. I operate CSRA according to similar standards used in the global consultancies where I learned my craft.

Specifically, I guide clients in using digital and social technologies evolve or transform. I conduct ethnographic research of social media to understand people’s behavior and motivations, which removes most of the guesswork that underpins survey-based strategy and research efforts. We analyze what people really do, in context, not what they say they do. Based on this understanding, I create social media and digital transformation strategy for firms and help them bring it to life by developing their teams, so they develop competency in experiential interaction, which is the 21st century’s dial tone. I guide firms across the social business life cycle.

However, I never assume that you need to invest in experiential social media or digital transformation. Instead, we determine their relevance to you, together. I assess the social media activity of the people who matter most to your business. If the activity is relevant to your business, we co-create your social business strategy, so you avoid the mistakes your competitors are making.

Other Highlights About CSRA

  • Experiential social media changes the rules, so I work with firms that want to use it to disrupt markets or to defend their leading positions. Examples are nonprofits, Fortune 50 retailers,global NGOs, semiconductor brands, investment banks, governments and startups. More about clients.
  • At CSRA we celebrated our first decade in business in February 2017, so I made some videos to share reflections and lessons learned. Here’s one in which I talk about why I founded CSRA, and how our mission evolved.
  • CSRA delivers higher value by operating a virtual model, so you get better teams and pay less for overhead. More about what we do and how we work.
  • We don’t wing things here. I developed the Social Network Roadmap(SM), the agile lean methodology we use to do breakthrough work consistently at relatively low risk. It’s been vetted by client work since 2006. More about services that improve and transform.
  • CSRA is me and my network, which includes veterans of the most prestigious consultancies, design firms, IT firms, corporations, startups and professional services firms. You get rock stars, not my staff who happen to be on the bench at the time.
  • I enter new relationships as explorations because I don’t assume that your firm is a candidate for CSRA’s services.

CSRA could be your secret weapon.

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