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Did you know that trust, happiness and business results move together? When employees are happy it’s much easier for them to interact with customers and supporters in ways that help both feel happy. This site shows why and how interaction, trust, relationship and business work together to produce fantastic business results. I’ve developed agile digital ethnography and experiential social media using service design principles to teach CSRA’s clients how to interact with people to build trust and happiness, very authentically and efficiently. More on agile digital ethnography and experiential social media


CSRA’s mission is helping clients discover how to interact with employees, supporters, customers and other people to increase trust, happiness and profit. CSRA serves nonprofits, local businesses, global firms, and governments. We are lean, agile and virtual: we create teams by contracting with the best people for each engagement—because we want to give our clients better talent at lower cost. More on CSRA


I founded CSRA in 2006, after 20 years of working for global and entrepreneurial firms—as a management consultant and marketing executive. I have used many business “best practices,” and I’ve learned that many don’t work that well for people any more. My clients and friends often tell me that I cause them to think differently. I invent things (experiential social media is one of many). My personal mission is healing organizations by showing them how doing right by people produces better results than bottom line management. More on me


I’m always into a million things, BUT these things have me most excited right now. Drive to Trust is an opportunity for partners in all industries to show quantitatively that trust-building gets better business results than marketing and promotion, and its Chicago Social Empowerment cohort is a rare opportunity for nonprofits. The Social Channel App is an interactive guide that helps people to learn experiential on their own. See the Drive to Trust and the Social Channel App


CSRA’s blog is voluminous—yes, I use words like that sometimes—because I’ve been writing papers and books on digital transformation since the 1980s. I’ve learned that I have a curious, restless mind that leads me to discover things consistently ahead of the market. And I learn when I write. When my friends and clients introduce me, they often say that I was the first to explain [the significance of some tech thing] to them, yeeears before everyone else was talking about it. So the blog allows you to discover things with me, and articles date from the 1990s, for the historically inclined. See the blog

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