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Social business resources summarizes some of the how-to tools and thought leadership you can find on Clients constantly say that they appreciate CSRA thought leadership and track record for leading the market. Here are some favorites—in several formats. All aim to help you outperform in the Social Channel, the 21st century’s value engine.

The Social Channel App

The Social Channel App logoIn December 2015 I released the Social Channel App in beta, so now you can have your own interactive guide to using experiential social media and social business for transformation. See the App’s microsite.

Experiential Social Media Summary

experiential social media graphicExperiential Social Media is my own methodology for using ethnographic research to understand people to an unusual degree, so firms can interact with them to build trust and business. See the executive summary.

The Social Network Roadmap(SM)

The Social Network Roadmap Social Business Transformation & Experiential Social Media MethodologyReleased in 2008 to the public, the Social Network Roadmap is an agile full life cycle social business transformation methodology. I’ve used it in client work since then and continued its development. It enables firms to improve their efficiency and results.

Practical Social Business Models & Tools

CSRA develops extensive intellectual property in the form of measurement models, social business adoption models predictions and more. Some of these you can use at home ;^) – here are highlights:

Videos and Presentations

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