Museum has been online since 1994, so this page is your guide to CSRA’s historical artifacts ;^)


  •, 2006—CSRA’s first service offering was an incremental approach to transforming the enterprise from an hierarchal, top-down organization to a networked structure. We no longer actively use the site, although the services are still offered; our focus now is supporting sourcing initiatives with social business, activating the Trust Business Chain Reaction with customers and business partners worldwide.
  • The Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn, 2008—Debuted CSRA’s platform-centric services delivery methodology, which is focused on improving enterprise business processes, using LinkedIn. We no longer actively use the site, although most of its information is still relevant.
  •, 2005-2012 edition—The venerable html site; its most relevant content migrated here to form the CSRA-oriented pages.
  •, 1998-2008 sitelog—Traces the development of the site from its earliest days.. sporting really basic html, but it’s amazing how well some of the content has aged.
  •, 1998-2000 edition—this is the second iteration of the site (the first dates to 1994).

I’ve led transformation as a line executive and consultant, from pre-Web and Web 1.0 to Web 2.0, 3.0 and counting!

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