Social Business Strategy Case Studies and Clients

Results from select client work (as a consultant) and from transformational initiatives I’ve led (as marketing executive)

Dozens of executives in global enterprises, government, nonprofits, hightech startups, local businesses, and professional associations in multiple industries have trusted me to lead high-stakes initiatives over the years. In some of these, I’ve led on the inside as an executive while in others I’ve advised management as a consultant. Access case studies individually via the links by each client.

Nonprofit, Higher Education & Government

Consumer, Retail & Entertainment

  • Top3 smoke alarm manufacturer [case study]
  • Top3 fitness equipment retailer [case study]
  • National (U.S.) toys retailer [case study]
  • National (U.S.) indoor sports & game retailer [case study]
  • Big Three automaker [case study]
  • Top three home products manufacturer
  • Global leader in consumer electronics and television manufacturing


  • Top computer components brand [case study]
  • Top three server manufacturer and software developer [case study]
  • Market leader in third party claims processing software [case study]
  • Supply chain software start-up [case study]
  • Global leader in semiconductors, electronics and wireless [case study]
  • Marketing services marketplace spin-off [case study]
  • Market leading online community provider
  • Technology nonprofit start-up
  • Leading enterprise software consultancy
  • On-line management journal and community start-up

Professional Services

Financial Services

  • Leading investment (bulge bracket) bank [case study]
  • Global financial institution
  • CxO of world’s largest futures exchange

Clients hire me to cut the risks of moving ahead of the herd.

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