Case Study

Case Study: Business Strategy for Supply Chain Software Startup

Business Challenge

Provide strategic advice to visionary CEO of start-up aiming to revolutionize supply chain through a knowledge-based approach to collaboration.


Principal strategy consultant and relationship manager.  Extensive input on strategic alliances and forming working relationships with professional services firms.


Advised CEO on broad array of strategic issues for Valley-based start-up operating in stealth mode.  Scope encompassed value proposition, competitive position, build v. buy for the web-based software solution, go-to-market strategy.  Introduced the company to several VCs, and provided professional opinions to VCs in their evaluations of the company.   For the go-to-market strategy, advised on bowling pin client targets and timing of offerings in staged approach to drive adoption strategy.  Helped to recommend strategic alliance partners, and suggested points of engagement.

Held numerous brainstorming sessions in which discussed vision, value proposition for client segments at various stages of adoption and launch plan.  Co-developed marketing and engagement plans for professional service firm alliance partners.


  • Pilot implementations underway in several bowling pin clients.
  • Management team consistently attaining milestones.
  • On track for Series A funding.

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