Case Study

Case Study: Business Strategy for B2B Marketing Services Website

Business Challenge

Rapidly develop robust business strategy for software company spinning off marketing services business.  Guide executives in distinguishing between two scenarios that appeared similar but were actually quite different:

1) Servicing corporate clients of marketing software with a website

2) Building a community-driven marketing services website to target corporate clients


Subject Matter Expert-Internet strategy, working closely with CeO and VP Marketing.  Assisted executives in preparing business plan necessary to win funding from software company’s board of directors, working with project team and client executives.


In accelerated, intensive process, held brainstorming sessions on vision and strategy for the business.  Partnered with client executives to create competitive position, customer segmentation, value propositions, proposed services and the logic by which services would be offered on the website.  Conducted analysis showing numerous differences between a corporate software business and a website services business, as the client had extensive knowledge of the former and little knowledge of the latter. Contributed knowledge of the Internet and electronic communities to the discussion and strategy as well as key ideas into how to drive adoption.  Created rapid development implementation plan for e-business and IT strategy: prepared business launch plan that encompassed: concept refinement, strategy development, IT strategy, PR/advertising/sales plans and staffing plan.

Organized competitive intelligence, and helped to manage rapid dynamic teaming process that focused start-up’s unique resources to create high growth potential unique selling propositions.  Advised CeO on presenting business proposition.


  • The team made the deadline and presented the business plan at the quarterly board of directors meeting.
  • Executives succeeded in gaining funding and in launching the business.

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