Case Study

Case Study: Service Line Launch for Alliance of Big Four and Global Internet Consultancy

Business Challenge

Global alliance between Big Five and Internet consultancy required flashpoint service offering aligned with volatile and changing demand for e-business consulting services.  To optimize alliance synergies, service offerings needed to transcend existing services of each alliance partner yet be immediately recognizeable and deliverable by each party.


Engagement Manager.  Led vision and development of new service offering, which offered two-pronged approach increasing profitability of websites: increased revenue-generation by design focused on leading user experience principles while decreasing operational costs.  Created, trained and managed 30-person national launch team.  Led marketing of new service offering to stakeholders and clients in each alliance partner.


Set up and managed skunk works to develop service offering and team to deliver integrated services to clients while minimizing upfront investment.  Envisioned complete groundbreaking service offering aligned with strengths of each alliance member but not existing with either partner.  Rapidly developed multi-stage analytical and delivery framework to marry design and marketing strengths of Internet partner with Big Five process, strategy and in-depth technology expertise.  Recruited, developed and managed national virtual development and delivery team.  Developed engagement plan framework, several websites, on-line training program, communications plan. Led promotion of new offering to clients and executives in each alliance member.  Created client presentations and analytical deliverables.  Integrated strategy and design aspects of emerging business problem, that websites were producing little quantifiable business value.  Brought design/user experience issues to CxO level due to strategic approach and vision of the problem.


  • Timed new service offering to coincide with unforeseen uncertainty in e-business consulting market, focusing on fundamental shortcomings of e-business solutions, which resulted in high interest at clients.
  • Developed unique analytical framework that quantified user experience analysis criteria and enabled more effective benchmarking and comparison than previous qualitative efforts.
  • Identified and capitalized on multimillion dollar opportunity by synthesizing strategy, design and technology strengths of each alliance member.
  • Incurred low opportunity cost by selecting and training unengaged consultants.

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