Knowledge Management Infrastructure for Big Four Consultancy

Case Study

Case Study: Knowledge Management Infrastructure for Big Four Consultancy

Business Challenge

Transform marketing and business development processes of Big Five practice that was losing significant marketing power through duplication of effort and lack of coordination.


Engagement Manager, working for board of director body and marketing team.  Director of marketing and knowledge development.  Oversaw design and implementation of intranet to serve twelve states.


Conducted knowledge needs assessment in light of marketing and business development goals.  Reengineered marketing and communications processes to drive cross-selling among service and product groups, to allow broader scope of employees to leverage marketing activities and to streamline business development activity.   Built intranet to serve as knowledge repository and distribution network.  Trained and mentored project staff in intranet development and workflow analysis. Developed real-time information sharing model by deploying project management tools on intranet for all marketing activities across the region.  Trained regional marketing team to develop distributed, real-time Internet work habits.


  • Lower marketing and practice management costs driven by centralized information storage/sharing as well as reduction in communications cycle time.
  • Lower administrative costs due to direct authoring by knowledge experts.
  • Lower infrastructure costs due to pull communications? lower demand for disk space.
  • Enhanced responsiveness to business development and client service opportunities since marketing and information tools will be available on demand from the field.
  • Reduction in marketing collateral production and distribution costs by delivering digitized proposals, marketing documents and brochures.

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