Social Business Opportunity

Social business opportunity can help executives seize unusual advantage, but they need to perceive it and understand it first. CSRA has advised brands on social business since February 2006. Before founding CSRA, I advised enterprises on how to use “the Web” to transform their businesses during Web 1.0 and, in the 1980s, I advised executives on how to use reengineering and downsizing to their advantage (even when they didn’t want to ;^). I have learned that these disruptions appear in the market and confront everyone with changing how they live and work, but they don’t ask anyone’s permission.

Social business is especially profound because it changes the economics of communication, collaboration and relationships. It will transform business and society the same way that the assembly line transformed how the world made things and how people lived.

Social Business Opportunity is organized in two “lenses”:

I invite your questions and thoughts in comments.

CSRA Social Business Opportunity reveals the highest impact opportunities I see in specific industries. CSRA is actively pursuing work in these areas because they present exceptionally high potential for clients.

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