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What Social Business Means

Our social business education videos and case studies reveal the disruptive potential of reinventing business, step by step, using social technologies. In these short, easy-to-digest videos, we share our latest insights when working with commercial, nonprofit and government enterprises.

The concept is easy: “Use social technologies/social media to increase trust and develop relationships with people who matter to your business at a lower cost.” But how does it really work? What are the fine points? Find out by watching these 2-5 minute videos.

Featured Social Business Education Videos

CSRA’s social business education videos and case studies reveal the rare opportunity that social business has presented B2B sales and marketing as well as B2C brands.

Please note that many of the case studies include study guides to increase your learning.

More Videos & Archived Webcasts

I increasingly use video and podcasts to explain key concepts and techniques of experiential social media and applying social business to the enterprise.

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