Business Social Networking Bootcamp: Chicago August 19-21

seminarsGrow your business with advanced LinkedIn, Twitter and blogging techniques

Quick, what do you do if you’re a hard-charging executive who doesn’t plan a lengthy lollygag this summer? Mix business and pleasure and organize a business bootcamp for people who want to use social networking to grow business! Here I’ll preview a new kind of event that’s designed for EGLI alums and uninitiated execs who have yet to experience EGLI. I promise, most of the exertion will be mental: the only pushups you’ll hear about is exacting strategies and checklists for your LinkedIn, Twitter and blogging campaigns.

Bootcamp Overview

To accommodate hardened dogface alums and newbies, the bootcamp includes three sessions on two days that you can combine in several ways:

  • Basic kicks it off on Wednesday 19 August afternoon, the famous EGLI Key Concepts session.  This is our jam-packed onramp to leveraging LinkedIn like a pro: but now we’ve also loaded it with Twitter and Facebook orientations. You learn:
    • How LinkedIn fits into the Web 2.0 ecosystem
    • The 5 Key Processes that are the foundation of effectiveness
    • LinkedIn’s advanced tools
    • Write your LinkedIn plan
    • Introduction to using Facebook and Twitter to boost intimacy and speed to trust
    • Our 2 minute video, “Executive Preview,” offers another look at “Key Concepts”
  • On Friday 21 August morning, the EGLI Application session (“advanced LinkedIn”) is where campers crack open their laptops and use the Key Concepts:
    • LinkedIn Profile makeover (most are a little flabby ,^)
    • Building a strong network: advanced search to fulfill your LI plan
    • Driving business with LinkedIn Apps and Ads
    • Hands-on with LinkedIn Answers
    • Fast and easy outreach with LinkedIn Polls
  • On Friday afternoon, we debut a new session, Business Building, from the Executives Guide to Twitter and Blogging. Here, campers will develop synergy between LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs:
    • Creating a charter for blogging and microblogging (Twitter). You need not have a blog or Twitter account already
    • Leverage your LinkedIn plan to define your audience for Twitter and blogging
    • How to build rapport with tweeps and bloggers to generate interactivity
    • Twitter and blog time saver tools for email outreach

Rules ,^)

  • For details on times, registration and pricing, see the invitation here.
  • The bootcamp includes social networking registration, which means we incent bribe you to bring friends. Anybody can create a group, save some money and increase learning by coming with trusted friends or colleagues.
  • To take the Application Session on the 21st, you must be an Alum or to have taken Key Concepts on the 19th.
  • The Business Building Session does not have a prerequisite, but does have pre-work.
  • Speaking of pre-work, we won’t bog down our troop with creating blogs and Twitter accounts at the bootcamp itself, but we’ll guide you to get this done ahead of time. It’s free and easy.
  • This isn’t the Ritz, and we’ll be moving fast! The only bootcamp break will be on the 21st, when we’ll provide “bootcamp boxes” of sustainance for those brave enough to go all day. No cigarettes, though.
  • We don’t provide weapons, so bring your own laptop, but on the 21st only! We do provide wireless access.

So, How About It?!

Are you ready to whip your Web 1.0 body into Web 2.0 shape? If you’re not, but you know someone who’s interested in using social networks to drive business, forward them this link!

If this doesn’t give you Web 2.0 washboard abs, I don’t know what will! I promise to be an enlightened drill sergeant—and I probably won’t make you clean the latrines ,^)

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