Just Launched: The Social Network Roadmap Facebook Page

Social Network Roadmap launchMost of the innovators of social networking, social media and Web 2.0 are active on Facebook, so it’s only natural that the Social Network Roadmap have a presence there, too. Here are some thoughts behind the Facebook page as well as goals and plans. First, a couple of key principles:

  1. The Roadmap is a breakthrough approach to help businesses and government to understand the value of social networks and Web 2.0.  It helps large organizations to adopt more Web 2.0 faster because its method enables them to understand the adoption process and to mitigate risk.
  2. When an organization uses the Roadmap, that drives its demand for Web 2.0 services, tools, gadgets and experts—exactly the Web 2.0 professionals that are leaders in Facebook.

Facebook Members who will be most excited about the Roadmap

  • Marketing and social media leaders-already have Web 2.0 projects happening in various corners of the company. Their problem is immature ROI measurements, so they have a hard time explaining their successes to other executives to boost their cred and expand their programs.  The Roadmap is a real help because it enables them to lay out a strategy that ties it all together.  It also gives them a way to explain what they’re doing in terms executives can relate to.
  • IT and strategy leaders-are being pestered by people in business units to let them kick off Web 2.0 projects, and when the company has a conservative culture, people hesitate to move quickly.  The Roadmap is a great help to risk-averse managers.  It enables them to understand some of the risks they feel—and how to mitigate them.
  • Web 2.0 entrepreneurs-are trying to show enterprise clients the value of their technologies and approaches—and how they don’t introduce as much risk and clients might think.  They can use the Roadmap to formulate questions when they are diligencing new prospects and reviewing clients’ progress. The Roadmap makes it easier for clients to buy Web 2.0 solutions because it helps executives to understand the adoption process better.
  • Social network providers-are direct beneficiaries because the Roadmap’s Implementation Phase calls for applying social networks to the clients mature business processes.  It not only drives more business to social network providers but also increases the client’s level of utility of the features.
  • Who have I unknowingly left out?-please reply in comments!


  • Explain how the Roadmap can help encourage adoption of social networking and Web 2.0
  • Let you all explain it to your friends!
  • Experiment with some of the fun tools and activities that are always popping up on Facebook
  • Learn about Facebook Pages’ potential for engaging people


  • Encourage substantial growth of passionate group of Fans in Q3 and Q4
  • Run at least one campaign per quarter
  • Implement Fan-contributed activities

Parting Shot

That’s it for now.  Please contribute your ideas or experiences with using Facebook Pages.  Thanks!

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