Outsourcing, the IT of 2015

The current revolution in enterprise software is only a preview of a much larger, more pervasive shift that will transform the global economy within the next decade. Service-oriented architecture and Web services are two of the more well-known elements of the maturation of distributed computing, which is changing the rules of the vaunted software development life cycle.

In short, we are on the way to becoming a real-time market for global human capital whose ascendancy will increase with the growth of the knowledge economy and global standards for work processes. If we classify economic value according to knowledge/information, manufacturing and agricultural products and services, the knowledge portion has been steadily increasing its share of the value chain, and this trend is accelerating. Of course, information technology facilitates the creation, distribution and sharing of knowledge.

What does this mean for outsourcing and offshoring? By understanding how standards-based technologies have combined to transform enterprise software, we can learn how the coming standardization of work processes will drive explosive demand for an always-on market for knowledge workers and real-time value chains.

Read a longer version of the article published in the Technology Executives Club Journal. Forthcoming next month, my point of view will explain in more detail how we can apply learnings from e-business adoption and software transformation to pervasive outsourcing. This article is an hors d’oeuvre.

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