Videocast Session One: The Web 2.0 Ecosystem


movie_cameraThe Web 2.0 Ecosystem briefly shows how social networks are poised to disrupt business and society by changing the economics of building and maintaining relationships.  This significantly elevates opportunities and threats. Learn how LinkedIn can serve as a strategic and pragmatic gateway to increasing the vitality of companies and careers.

Tools—Session One

  • This is a “first cut” and I’ll be posting an update soon
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  • To download this session’s presentation, so you can use all its links, hit The Web 2.0 Ecosystem slides
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  • Please keep in mind that this is a beta-release of a new videocast series, and it will iterate quickly; please email me if you have suggestions for usability, etc.

Thank you for your interest in our new videocast series, “Ten Minutes on LinkedIn,” which offers pithy yet insightful information on LinkedIn, social networks and their significant importance to executives and enterprises. You can access all the Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn videocasts at any time by hitting the “videocast” link under categories on the left menubar.

4 comments to Videocast Session One: The Web 2.0 Ecosystem

  • Excellent video Chris. You did a great job explaining the basics of Web 2.0 and the value of these resources. I really like the additional links at the end of the presentation, not only as a means of gathering feedback but also to reinforce the value of Web 2.0 resource methods.

  • Kelly, thanks for writing! I thought a lot about calls to action because I want to make it as simple as possible for people to do what they want after viewing the vid. Can you think of anything I could make clearer and easier? For example, I’d love to insert a link within the vid that points to this page but have to research how to do that. Cheers

  • Chris, in the presentation you mentioned what I believe was a seminar on just Twitter. Is that something you are planning? Sounds interesting and worth checking out. Twitter for business use is my biggest mystery right now.

  • Dick, yes, stay tuned.. in preparation now.. for the time being, check out: “A Marketing Executive’s Guide to Twitter” here:

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