2008 Q3 Report

quarterlyAlthough I’m far from impartial, I believe that Q3 has seen the most innovation yet, which is one of the reasons I’m writing this deep into Q4!  I am launching and growing the Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn by leveraging social networking to the hilt. Here I’ll review some of the highlights of how I’m doing it.

The main insight and driving strategy is difficult to write about: I have made social networking the DNA of this business. Social networking logic now drives much of the strategy. Before you yawn (obviously there are many companies doing this), remember that we are using social networking with executives (Boomers, older Xers). This is not in their DNA, so using social networking is not all that obvious.

EGLI Q3 Highlights

  • Web 2.0 is about many-to-many communication, so I set about developing a new seminar delivery approach, Collaborative Seminars. As you have probably read (I haven’t been shy ,^), these seminars involve smaller groups, and they are designed to increase interaction among participants. I can spend more time with each person, too.
  • Smallers groups also mean I can hold more seminars, we need less time to organize them, and we impose less on the facility (because the groups are smaller).
  • Another key innovation was “Social Networking Registration,” which is simply revolutionary, but its power is easy to overlook.
    • EGLI is leading edge, so it is most appropriate for early adopters, people who want to push the envelope. I am asking my trusted connections to recommend early adopters for the seminars.
    • Moreover, I want people to take seminars together because that will increase learning, so Social Networking Registration features transparent group pricing.
    • Another tenet of Web 2.0 is emergent organization. Loosely, that means that a smart crowd of connected people will figure out how to organize, given their goals and the context. Collaborative seminars can be organized on behalf of any motivated group or person. I have templated them, so any person, company or association can organize one, in any geo. For more on this, see Sponsoring and Hosting.
    • The alumni factor is another breakthrough concept that we continue to build on. Each alum that becomes part of our community can add tremendous value. The EGLI alum community is comprised of highly motivated people. I am very focused on building it, and I’m proud to see the growth of the EGLI Online Community.
    • Every high quality person alums recommend for the community strengthens our collective resource.
    • More on Social Networking Registration here.
  • Collaborative Seminars also include an optional afternoon session, the Application Session, in which we open the laptops and apply the key material.
  • I launched LinkedIn Profile services for Individuals and Enterprises.
  • I continued to spread the word through speaking engagements, including many CEO round table groups. CEOs’ interest in LinkedIn is increasing significantly.
  • The EGLI Facebook Page and our Twitter feed launched. If you’re on Facebook, please fan our Page and tell your friends and colleagues. As you may know, Facebook has numerous tools for promoting events and brands. Twitter is a revolutionary service that provides the most up to date information; it’s how news travels fastest.

Looking ahead to Q4

  • A growing venue is holding Classroom Seminars as workshops at conferences, so will have more on that at the end of Q4.
  • Templating Collaborative Seminars to take them on the road. Will beta test the model in Q4.
  • Another new delivery option, Boardroom Seminars, will debut in Q4.
  • Read more about Classroom, Collaborative and Boardroom Seminars.
  • Webinars will pilot in 2009 Q1, which will give us extensive flexibility.

Your Thoughts

What do you think?  What are some questions you have based on these happenings?  How would you like to get involved?

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