2008 Q3 Report

Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn quarterly report reveals new executive education formats and innovations: social networking registration, boardroom seminars, twitter feed, Facebook Page and the power of alumni […]

2008 Q2 Report

quarterlyNormally summer would have provided ample time to reflect on Q2, but it sizzled with speaking engagements and extensive development here at EGLI and at CSRA. I’m pleased to share the highlights and to look ahead to Q3, which will be very exciting for EGLI. First, however, I’ll recap Q2.


2008 Q1 Report

quarterlyWelcome to the inaugural edition of Executive’s Guide to Linkedin quarterly report. Although the Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn is a professional service like many others offered by CSRA, it is also a community of highly motivated people. Our clients depend on us to research, create and deliver innovative services to help them understand social networks from an enterprise viewpoint and, more importantly, how to use them to get real-world results. Periodically, I will keep you apprised of EGLI’s results, challenges and goals and, as EGLI launched in January 2008, here goes with the first one.


Public Beta Site Unveiled

The beta is official as of this post, and I am now focused on adding content. I expect the beta period will last for about two weeks. Please expect that you may experience minor glitches in how this site looks, feels and acts, but you should find it to be functional, and I hope any mishaps will not inconvenience you too much.

I have added to the “About page ” as well as a bio page.

Please comment on content as well as functionality and blog features.

Thanks for your interest, readership and support.

Within Striking Distance of Beta

Finally selected the theme and succeeded in wrestling the php to the ground. Too early to declared complete victory, but definitely can see the end in sight. Then will be able to focus on content!

Alpha Release

Got most of the key elements in place, so here we go with the alpha release! Still a couple of nagging mysteries to be solved, but happy with progress.

Inauguration of Pre-Alpha Weblog

This should take shape over the next few days, but right now still struggling with the opaque (at least to me) php.