December Brings Trio of Seminars to Chicago, Cleveland

seminarsBuilding on the success of the new Collaborative Seminar model, the Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn has slated seminars in Chicago (Dec. 9), Cleveland (Dec. 16) and Chicago-Wheaton (Dec. 18) to enable forward-thinking business leaders to have fun and productive holidays this year.

It’s a perfect storm for taking your business relationships up a level: holidays interrupt work schedules, people are in a social frame of mind, and they have more time than usual.  One of the seminars’ key takeaways is increasing the focus and power of your network: participants create LinkedIn plans so that they “build with purpose” and connect with people who can help them achieve their professional goals.

EGLI Founder Christopher Rollyson commented:

Due to the global economy’s uncertainties, executives will be thinking hard about their goals during this holiday season.  Given that holidays are an excellent time to rekindle friendships and make new connections, we wanted to enable people to take their LinkedIn skills up a level, so they can begin the new year with extra strong networks.

Collaborative Seminars are designed for LinkedIn members who want to increase the business value they create from LinkedIn.  They include a morning session that introduces key concepts and techniques of how to use LinkedIn–followed by an optional afternoon session in which participants open their laptops and apply the morning’s material.  For details on times, agendas and fees, please see:

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