EGLI Unveils New Fall Seminars with Social Networking Registration

news_flashLinkedIn is about “professional social networking,” and the Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn opens the world of LinkedIn and other Web 2.0 venues (sites) to you. Web 2.0 venues can enable you to find and connect with very specific people who have similar interests and concerns, with whom you can collaborate.

For example, LinkedIn and Facebook can help you to locate clients and prospects that have very specific needs you can fill, reducing the sales cycle and increasing revenue per client because the fit is far better. Likewise with business partners, jobs, employees…

In the digital world’s new rules, it pays to be specific because the cost of finding people with specific interests continues to fall dramatically. If you know how to conduct yourself in these venues so that you increase others’ trust and confidence in you, you become far more effective. That’s what we aim to deliver.

Why should EGLI not tap the same phenomenon to organize seminars?

seminarsRather than taking out ads and conducting email carpet bombing, why not let the most motivated and engaged people self-select and bring like-minded people to discover this together? That’s the key idea behind our “Social Networking Registration.” We include substantial group discounts to make it even more interesting.

We want to let you help us to add value to the learning process by having a say in who takes the class with you.

EGLI shows you how to form meaningful relationships using online tools. This involves learning new concepts, tools and behaviors, and group learning can have a sigificant impact on how much you learn. If you take a seminar with one or more trusted friends, you may be willing to open up more and try harder—during the seminar and afterwards. You have a head start in supporting each other in your continued learning. Of course, EGLI seminars facilitate powerful group interaction among “classmates,” so we will help you get a lot out of it whether you come as an individual, a pair or a group.

The October 9 Seminar: Overview of Social Networking Registration


October 9 Seminar Resources: Overview | Registration | Registration FAQ (Q&A)
Pre-Enrollment (27 August-3 September)
We let you know about the seminar before enrollment to give you time to find some people and start a group (hint: try tapping your strongest LinkedIn connections). People, companies or associations can start groups, and each group gets its own group code. What to do:

  • Create a group code (see below)
  • Identify people whom you trust and respect for their expertise and willingness to collaborate. Who do you trust and care about who:
    • Has a hard time finding prospects and ends up compromising on price because the fit isn’t so good?
    • Is consistently underpaid because s/he can’t find the right fit in the job search?
    • Spends too much on trade shows for diminishing returns.. but doesn’t know what else to do?
    • Hires product development people that seem overpaid for what they deliver.. because “the right people” don’t seem to exist?
    • Has a company that goes through salespeople like water because they can’t seem to produce?
  • Ask motivated, collaborative people you know to join your group
  • Coordinate your group members for Enrollment so you all get in the same class
Enrollment (4 September-1 October)
People enroll individually using group codes. Enrollment is first come, first served because class sizes are limited. During Enrollment, anyone can cancel, but it might drive up the group’s per member cost. More on this on the FAQ. What to do:

  • Encourage everyone to enroll quickly; the bigger your group, the more important this is to ensure you all get in
  • Take the pre-seminar survey, which helps EGLI to form the material around the class’s interests and goals; you’ll find the link on the payment confirmation page
Closing (2-7 October)
Enrollment closes one week before the seminar if the seminar is sold out, with the first 25 people getting places. EGLI applies discounts to your group based on its size. No cancellations after this point, but we gladly accept substitutions. What to do:

  • You will learn how to apply LinkedIn to your important, actionable professional goals, so take some time to think about what’s most important to you during the next 6 months
  • Ask yourself: what knowledge or qualities would people need to be able to help you achieve your goals? And, what could you do for them?
How to Create Your Group Code
The logic of group codes is seminar date (year, month, day) + your initials. For example, my group code for this seminar would be 20081009csr. If you have no middle initial, put your first initial, any number between 1 and 9 and close with your last initial. For example, I could put 20081009c2r. If you are not part of a group when you enroll, enter your own group code according to this rule.

Feedback Loop

What do you think of the concept of social networking registration? How could we make it better? Thanks for your ideas.

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