Preview: L.A. Enterprise Social Networking Bootcamp to Feature Executive Speakers

button-grnLos Angeles Conference Offers Onramp for Managing Social Networking Initiatives: Learn from Leaders

I am excited to announce that I will be joined by several enterprise executive innovators in the pre-conference “Enterprise Social Networking Bootcamp.” They will share their experiences with using social networks for innovation. I have invited executives from mobile, manufacturing, telecoms, entertainment, media and retail. I will add them here as they confirm. You can read about some of the other panels I’ve led here.

L.A. Enterprise Social Networking Bootcamp Goals

The Pre-Conference morning session is an intensive onramp to planning, launching and managing effective B2B and B2C enterprise social network initiatives involving any combination of internal (private, white label) and external (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube…) platforms. It has three goals:

  • Provide a quick overview of social networking market opportunities for enterprise innovation: includes major platforms and vendor types
  • Share real case studies to illustrate business models, success stories and pitfalls
  • Introduce strategy & management tools so participants can better manage all phases of their own social networking projects

Executive Speakers

Enterprise speakers will brief participants on case studies, pitfalls and emerging good practices, so participants will learn from practitioners. These speakers will share: 1) how social networking is affecting their businesses; 2) business drivers and how speakers are monetizing social networking; 3) what results and pitfalls they have seen so far. Invited speakers are:

  • VP Innovation, Global Telecoms Carrier
  • Director Strategy, Entertainment Conglomerate
  • VP Communications, Global Consultancy
  • SVP Innovation, Fortune 500 manufacturer
  • VP consumer brands, Fortune 500 retailer

Management Toolset

After the case study session, participants will get to work. Since this is a bootcamp, they will learn intensively throughout and do (mental ,^) exercises such as outlining their own strategy for launching or managing a current project better, using the Social Network Roadmap toolset. They will leave with a solid understanding of what they can accomplish + the tools to manage projects more effectively.

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