Social Networking Bootcamp Combines Strategy, Management & Practice

Social Networking Bootcamp Combines Strategy, Management and PracticeSocial Networking Bootcamp Combines Strategy, Management and Practice highlights the Social Networking Conference Pre-Conference LA, which features enterprise speakers and live LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and blogging examples.

I am pleased to share the updated agenda for the #snc2010 pre-conference. The morning session will focus on strategy, planning and management of enterprise social network initiatives and will feature several speakers who are currently leading businesses and initiatives. The afternoon will focus on practice and show live example/demos of using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and blogging tools for marketing campaigns. Read on to review the agenda in depth.

Morning Session – Enterprise Social Networking Bootcamp: Strategy, Business Models and Enterprise Tools

How to plan and manage for success by mitigating risks


I will set the context for enterprise social networking: applying disruptive tech and behavior in the enterprise. You’re part of the Web 2.0 ecosystem: some moving parts:

  • Leveraging Twitter to drive intimacy
  • Using Facebook to build community
  • Using LinkedIn for B2B business development
  • Mobility: using the iPhone for one-click business
  • Multimedia, gaming and virtual worlds

Best Practices / Takeaways

  • Executive’s Guide to Twitter application templates
  • Executive’s Guide to Facebook application templates
  • Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn application templates
  • Application templates for mobile applications
  • Application templates for blogs and wikis


The highlight of the morning will be executives from telecom, retail, media, mobility and manufacturing firms. Representative examples here. Business cases and monetization models from leaders from enterprise initiatives and social business startups. How they made the business case, early lessons and pitfalls, and results.

  • Business and initatives that drive the top line
  • Business and initatives that reduce costs
  • Example1*: how a telecom company launched a social network platform to engage B2B customers
  • Example2*: how social networks are revolutionizing financial services
  • Example3*: how mainstream media companies are transforming themselves with social networking
  • Example4*: social networking mobile apps that will blow your mind
  • *These are representative, based on speaker acceptance; look for updates here

Best Practices / Takeaways

  • Business case examples: using social networks to grow revenue
  • Business case examples: using social networks to cut costs
  • Emerging good practices and pitfalls
  • Business models and monetization strategies


Here, I’ll present a blueprint for launching and managing social networking initiatives (SNs):

  • Using the Social Network Roadmap to mitigate risk during implementation of enterprise social network projects
  • Auditing your enterprise’s Web 2.0 ecosystem of SNs
  • Assessing your enterprise’s readiness for enterprise SNs
  • Planning, creating, launching and measuring SN initiatives
  • How to select partners: the vendor selection matrix tool

Best Practices / Takeaways

  • The Social Network Roadmap Pilot Application Template
  • Planning, strategy, program creation and launch
  • Vendor Selection Matrix
  • Measuring and managing programs with the Social Network Life Cycle Model and the Web 2.0 Adoption Curve
  • Schedule one phone consultation within one month of the workshop to discuss specific application to your firm

More insight on the morning session here

Afternoon Session – Platform Marketing Boot Camp: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Blogs

Using platforms to make strategy actionable—illustrated by B2B and B2C live example/demos


We’ll begin with key concepts and executing a B2B business development campaign with LinkedIn:

  • The value vectors of social marketing: microtargeting and relevance and network effects II
    • Microtargeting: find people with highly specific interests; using advanced search and personas
    • Relevance: approach them with an authentic value proposition focused on their niche interest
    • Network effects: inspire people through repeated relevant interaction, creating network effects
    • Driving brand in social networks: employee profiles
  • Quick review of LinkedIn marketing tools: employee Profiles, Polls, Answers, Groups, Direct Ads
  • What’s unique about the LinkedIn platform
  • Live example/demo: B2B marketing campaign to demonstrate the tools in action
  • Hyper-targeting with LinkedIn’s Advanced Search

Best Practices / Takeaways

  • Value Vectors application templates
  • LinkedIn campaign and tool application templates


In this session, we’ll power through how to execute B2C Marketing Campaigns with Blogs, Facebook and Twitter. We’ll use examples and live demo the features of each platform.

  • Quick review of blog marketing tools: blogrolls, comments, pingbacks, Twitter; how to create your hypertargeted blog network
  • What’s unique about the blogging platform
  • Live example/demo: B2B marketing campaign via blog network to demonstrate the tools in action
  • Quick review of Facebook marketing tools: Ads, Messages, and Fan Pages
  • What’s unique about the Facebook platform
  • Live example/demo: B2C marketing campaign with Facebook Ads, Messages, and Fan Pages
  • Quick review of Twitter marketing tools:
  • What’s unique about the Twitter platform
  • Live example/demo: B2C marketing campaign on Twitter: Zoomdweebee’s

Best Practices / Takeaways

  • Blog campaign and tool application templates
  • Facebook campaign and tool application templates
  • Twitter campaign and tool application templates

Your Thoughts

If you were going to check it out, what would you like to see? What’s superfluous or missing?

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