Preview: Social Networking Conference Miami 2010

Preview: Social Networking Conference Miami 2010Preview: Social Networking Conference Miami 2010 will have the usual strong lineup of enterprise 2.0 speakers with the twist of some NFL excitement and mobile social. Here I’ll preview the conference and offer some thoughts about the four sessions with which I’m involved.

The pre-conference, which happens Wednesday 27 January at 9:00, is my favorite track because I get to work with enterprise sponsors and managers of social networking initiatives. Clara Shih does the afternoon part, which is focused on Facebook and Twitter marketing. Participants hail from startups who want to harness the disruptive element of web 2.0, as they correctly perceive that they can change the rules of marketing if they can crack the code. Enterprise participants have a different perspective: they are interested in shepherding their initiatives through ROI discussions and how to succeed without ruffling too many feathers. There are also investors who want to understand how social networking could affect their investments and portfolio companies.

My morning session is a bootcamp for how to manage successful initiatives through all phases, and the takeaway is a plan for a social networking pilot as well as many case studies and best practices. We cover: major platforms and build vs buy, business models, case studies, common mistakes, risk management techniques, and planning and measuring pilots. Of course I also share behind the curtain stories of my client work, which gives a pragmatic element to the session for both large enterprises and smaller orgs. Participants get a well-rounded, compressed view of how to manage the life cycle of a social networking initiative: do the right thing the right way for the right reasons. For a more visual view, here’s a 3-minute video overview.

On Thursday, I’ll be moderating a session with NFL execs, Social Networking in the Sports Industry, where we’ll discuss how pro sports are using social networking to increase engagement.

Right afterward, I’ll present Outperform Rivals by Using A Web 2.0 Investment Strategy is Thursday, and it can provide huge impact. The idea is, firms that understand the market’s adoption (i.e competitors, partners, customers), will be able to make more efficient investments. Most consultants have uneven experience, and demand is spiking. Gurus pitch Web 2.0 as an end in itself, so there will be significant disappointment and de-investment in web 2.0 in 2010-2011. This session shows participants how to invest now to avoid floozy projects and how to maintain their investments when their competitors exit the market. Since Web 2.0 enables more engagement, faster, for less money, that can add up to serious competitive advantage. More information on the Web 2.0 Adoption Curve and the Web 2.0 Investment Strategy.

Friday, I’ll lead the Power Panel in the Final Panel Debate, which is the last session and very interactive (the beer seems to help with that). All conference speakers join me for a no-holds-barred decompression discussion. Always flushes out many insights.

That’s the program. Please see for details. As usual, I’ll be covering some of the sessions and will offer write-ups here. You can see past session and case studies as well.

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