Psst! Want to Break the SNR Beta Program Story?

Next Monday at 6:00 GMT, CSRA will formally release the Social Network Roadmap Beta Program, and I invite you to help us break the story.  If you would like to view our news release–under embargo until the official release time–you can access it here.  You’ll need to get the password from me.

The SNR Beta Program will be interesting to executive readers in these situations:

  • Early adopter marketing and social media executives who have various initiatives and campaigns going on in Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Flickr, and others, but they struggle to show value and get mindshare with other executives
  • Strategy and technology executives who are being pressed to get involved but who want an approach that mitigates risks before they jump in

If your readers are interested in the enterprise adoption of social networks, this can be an excellent opportunity for you to add value.  

As a Principal of PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting during Web 1.0, I saw the power of roadmaps (I helped to build ours out) to galvanize all the people that large companies have to get on board before they can make something happen.  That’s why I created the SNR.  

The Beta Program is an easy way to access the Roadmap.  Projects are short, specific and modular and fixed bid, so it’s easy for most companies to buy.  That’s all for now.  I’m available at any time for your questions or suggestions.  

Lastly, please consider forwarding a link to this post to someone you know whose readers would be interested.  Thanks!

2 comments to Psst! Want to Break the SNR Beta Program Story?

  • Hi Chris,

    Good to see you’re tackling this area of work!

    It would be good to see you and chat today at SocialDevCampChicago – you planning to come by? BTW: I’ll be speaking at 1pm.


    Twitter: chicagotv

  • csrollyson

    David, that’s awesome, I’m speaking at 1:30! so I look forward to hearing you as well! I believe that the Roadmap will be very useful for Web 2.0 innovators’ business development, so I’ll be presenting that hypothesis and looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks. See you then

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