Romney Spotlight Reveals Trust Gap Between Private Equity & Public

conversationsPrivate equity firms are learning that “private” can be a disadvantage in the era of digital social networks. G7 voters are frustrated by prolonged poor economic performance, falling prosperity and growing income disparities. P/E firms are an all too convenient target, and US presidential candidate Mitt Romney is bringing unwelcome exposure to the industry. There is a strong populist theme to U.S. and European politics, which sets the scene for a prolonged era of criticism, precisely when the industry is struggling, and firms are closing.

Smart P/E firms will be grounded and strategic about building trust among lawmakers, their publics and other stakeholders, and using digital social networks could play a key role in educating stakeholders and interacting with readers with transparency and principles, thereby building trust and dampening criticism. Specifically, P/E firms should:


Social Media Monitoring: How to Select a Platform

socbusmgmt“Social media monitoring” is one of the trappings of social business, and most organizations are bewildered by the various approaches they could use to “listen to the ecosystem.” No one argues that a key part of social business governance is determining meaningful metrics to measure the impact of interacting in social venues, but how you use metrics to listen and measure is far from obvious, so here I’ll share some insights I’ve developed based on helping clients through the process of selecting a “listening solution” as well as the process that we have used. Based on these experiences, I have developed an offering by templating the processes, but I won’t go into detail about that here.


Are Geosocial Apps Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt & Brightkite Ready for Prime Time?

If your business involves physical locations, geosocial applications represent a tantalizing possibility: people can talk about their presence and experience at one of your locations and, potentially, friends of their friends that have the same interest (or thirst). It adds long tail digital grease to conditions on the ground at a retail location. […]

Post-Product Marketing and Engagement

Drive customer engagement and brand value by focusing on the experience of using your product or service. This is the manna of word of mouth and social computing conversations. […]

Social Networking Conference: Jeff Bruce on Enterprise Digital Networks

Dow Jones’ Jeff Bruce presents the concept of “enterprise digital networking” and Dow Jones’ solution: Linkedin meets business intelligence. […]

Enterprise Social Network Workshop Video Released

News brief: the Social Network Roadmap just released a video trailer that highlights its executive workshops that help enterprise sponsors and project managers to succeed with enterprise social networking initiatives. […]

New Social Network Revenue Model to be Released at L.A. Pre-Conference Workshop

Christopher S. Rollyson and Associates will feature its new “path to revenue” Social Network Life Cycle Model during Rollyson’s pre-conference workshop at the Social Networking Conference in Los Angeles on June 24. […]

New Social Network Roadmap Service Offer at the Social Networking Conference

Insights into the new Social Network Roadmap workshop, which will be unveiled at the Social Networking Conference in Miami on January 21, 2009. […]

Beta Program: The Web 2.0 Readiness Assessment

The Social Network Roadmap’s Web 2.0 Readiness Assessment is a service offering that gives the enterprise a firm understanding of how its “traditional” USPs translate to serving stakeholders in the Web 2.0 world. The Web 2.0 Ecosystem Audit has pinpointed what venues and activities are relevant to stakeholders, so the company is now set to create programs to engage stakeholders. […]

Beta Program: The Web 2.0 Ecosystem Audit

An increasingly tangible Web 2.0 ecosystem is growing up around all organizations, but they don’t know what it looks like, much less how to engage it. Your firm’s leaders need to understand how the people you care about are contributing to and learning from the conversations in Web 2.0 venues. Social media means that the ecosystem of market participants around your business is far more actionable than ever before.. and transparent. It’s also easier for your company to engage.. when you know how. The Web 2.0 Ecosystem Audit delivers the picture and understanding. […]