Beta Program: The Web 2.0 Readiness Assessment

The Social Network Roadmap(SM) enables enterprises to understand and engage the emerging Web 2.0 ecosystem that is growing up around them.  At the highest level, engagement requires perceiving the ecosystem accurately and knowing how to communicate with it.

The Web 2.0 Ecosystem Audit helps to see and understand the ecosystem, and the Web 2.0 Readiness Assessment addresses how the organization can best engage stakeholders in the ecosystem.

“Ecosystem” refers to an evolving, dynamic, interconnected universe of independent and interdependent parts. The enterprise needs to understand how it can contribute to the ecosystem—how to be a valuable node to which its stakeholders will be attracted. To achieve this, it needs to translate its competitive advantage and unique selling propositions (USPs) into Web 2.0 content, activity and engagement. The Web 2.0 Readiness Assessment provides the blueprint.

Web 2.0 Readiness Assessment components and process

  • Review competitive advantage and positioning: make assets explicit
  • Map positioning into USPs for stakeholders: state how USPs map to various stakeholders, how the enterprise can leverage its unique mix of knowledge, practices and other asset into value
  • Conduct business process analysis for major stakeholders: based on our knowledge of what’s top of mind for each stakeholder type, what business processes are they pursuing to manage risk or capitalize on opportunity? What Web 2.0 venues are part of their processes?  How could we use Web 2.0 to make their processes shorter and/or more effective—especially in a way that has some inherent barrier to entry or that maps to one of our durable advantages?
  • Identify emerging good practices that are relevant to the enterprise: conduct gap analysis
  • Assess firm talent, knowledge, resources and willingness to commit to participating in Web 2.0 venues: to make Web 2.0 processes sustainable, we map them to employees’ existing goals

At the conclusion of the Web 2.0 Readiness Assessment, the company has a firm understanding of how its “traditional” USPs translate to the Web 2.0 world, the Social Business Strategy.

The Web 2.0 Ecosystem Audit has pinpointed what venues and activities are relevant to stakeholders, so the company is now set to create programs to engage stakeholders.

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