The Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn’s New Seminars Feature Social Networking

Social Networking Innovations in Interactive Learning, Registration

Executive seminars seek motivated people to use LinkedIn to change the rules

news_flashFollowing its successful debut this spring and summer with “Classroom Seminars” with 60-75 participants, the Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn will debut a new option in executive learning on October 9 at Chicago’s TechNexus. Dubbed “Collaborative Seminars,” the new series applies social networking to all aspects of the seminars: the sessions themselves are focused on selecting relatively small (maximum 25) groups of participants so that leader Christopher Rollyson can focus on facilitating group interaction as well as LinkedIn best practices.

One of our explicit goals is increasing trust among participants, so they will be able to support each other during and after the seminar, Rollyson said. This is critical after the seminar as well because Alumni continue their learning in our online community. Each highly engaged motivated alum adds to the strength of the community.

The Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn is looking for people who want to use LinkedIn redefine limits, such as:

  • A successful business development executive who increasingly struggles to find qualified prospects
  • A business owner who faces price pressure because she can’t find clients who fit her unique value proposition
  • A veteran executive who strives to find positions in which he can really shine
  • An entrepreneur who is excited about using social networking but who doesn’t know how to push the buttons and pull the levers

“Best” Practices and Unnoticed Features

seminarsLinkedIn reduces the cost of engaging the people who are most important to a manager’s business or career. Participants of the Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn learn the most important unnoticed features and best practices that 95% of LinkedIn members don’t know. This seminar will show participants how to use LinkedIn to help meet mission-critical business goals:

  • Find and engage new clients, customers, business partners and key employees
  • Boost revenue by creating and leveraging your own expert network to serve clients better
  • Increase innovation by tapping LinkedIn’s qualified Answers forums
  • Network your way into new jobs, director positions and speaking engagements

Social Networking Registration

In addition, the Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn’s “Collaborative Seminars” actively try to enable social networks’ penchant for emergent self-organization. Participants who attract like-minded people to join them are doubly rewarded by better collaborative learning and a sliding scale of group pricing. For more, see EGLI Unveils New Fall Seminars with Social Networking Registration.

About the Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn

The Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn (EGLI) launched in early 2008 and already has numerous alumni who have become experts among their work colleagues, association members and communities. Alumni often extend their learning by collaborating in the private EGLI online community. Founder Christopher Rollyson has over 20 years of management consulting experience helping global companies and their leaders to innovate with technology. He brings the rigor and process of Big Four consulting to executive learning and corporate innovation. EGLI’s main consulting focus is applying LinkedIn to corporate processes in what Rollyson terms “process innovation.”

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6 comments to The Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn’s New Seminars Feature Social Networking

  • Chris,

    Send me the seminar details.
    Time and cost.


  • Another way to look at the “social networking” component is that we will use SN before, during and after the seminar to increase learning and results:
    -Before: select people you know, network with them and invite them to attend the same seminar as you to increase your learning
    -During: we will encourage sharing to increase connections and trust among participants; I will also encourage people to group in pairs or trios to support each other during and after the seminar
    -After: pairs and trios can support each other in meeting goals and applying techniques–and participant on the online alumni community, whose mission is helping you to increase the value you create with LinkedIn

  • viswabharati

    Where is the seminar on Oct 9, and at what time?

  • Vish, thanks for writing. The 9 October schedule is:
    8:00-11:30 Key Concepts Session
    1:30-5:00 Optional Laptop Session
    Lunch included for people who register for both.

    Sessions held at TechNexus, 200 S Wacker #1500

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions; also you could use your group code with IIT alums and friends

  • Just had another thought: this could be a great opportunity to bring high-value prospects, clients and business partners. They would be very grateful and it would strengthen your connection in a meaningful and actionable way.

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