The Social Business Organization Audit and Social Business Strategy

The Social Business Organization Audit and Social Business StrategyThe social business Organization Audit serves as the second half of the due diligence process that is the foundation of the social business strategy. The first part is the ecosystem audit by which the firm has assessed the external digital world that’s relevant to its business. However, this is only half the picture: now we need to assess the firm’s capabilities to engage the ecosystem, so this is an internal analysis.

By conducting external and internal due diligence, we arrive at a social business strategy that optimizes the what the ecosystem values most highly with the firm’s ability to deliver. The social business strategy marries the ecosystem audit with the organization audit to determine optimal sharing scenarios (pilots).

The social business Organization Audit begins with a basic core competency analysis, drills down to stakeholder issues & actions and synthesizes these steps into several “trial pilots” that it will then vet through several other steps: social business good practices uses the ecosystem as a filter to learn from other firms’ similar initiatives, resource analysis gauges […]

Executive Career & Job Search Resources

adviceMy predictions from the 1990s and beyond about the disruption of “careers” and “work” have been coming true at an increasing pace, so here I’ll offer a quick retrospective of key trends as well as numerous how-to resources for using these disruptions to your advantage. Disruptions change the rules. Although most people don’t like “the rules” at times, we all take comfort in them because we have a clue about how to manage and get what we want. No one likes to feel clueless, but that’s how disruption causes most people to feel, so they try to avoid it. However, by facing the world head on and understanding the profound economic and social changes that are happening, you can see where the proverbial puck will be and skate there before most other people. Let’s go!


Social Media Monitoring: How to Select a Platform

socbusmgmt“Social media monitoring” is one of the trappings of social business, and most organizations are bewildered by the various approaches they could use to “listen to the ecosystem.” No one argues that a key part of social business governance is determining meaningful metrics to measure the impact of interacting in social venues, but how you use metrics to listen and measure is far from obvious, so here I’ll share some insights I’ve developed based on helping clients through the process of selecting a “listening solution” as well as the process that we have used. Based on these experiences, I have developed an offering by templating the processes, but I won’t go into detail about that here.


Enterprise Social Business Engagement Software Preview: Mike Talbot, Alterian

enterprise social business engagement software previewAt the enterprise social business engagement Engaging Times Summit, Mike gave an overview of the Alterian software stack and a preview of their new platform. The key takeaway is that Alterian is not a social media company, its core competency is deep marketing data analysis. That said, their SM2 platform is one of the social media monitoring leaders [disclosure, I’m an SM2 client].


Executive’s Guide to Twitter Releases Free Online Courses

Executives need to get on Twitter so they can understand the potential and the threat to their communications with stakeholders. The problem is, the value proposition isn’t clear, and executives perceive it takes too much time to learn. These free online courses fill that gap. […]

Fraud in Social Networks: FBI Countercrime Initiatives

It’s more obvious than ever that the same crimes are committed (think “calamity,” not “Katrina”), but perpetrators switch interfaces. For example, my experience of the London scam happened via Facebook chat. Abstract up from the communications process or the subject and you’ll be more aware of the patterns. […]

Tips for Executive Leadership and Job Search Effectiveness

Quick guide for time-strapped executives to outperforming rivals this year by using LinkedIn, blogging and Twitter. Extensive links to free executive guides to social networks […]

LinkedIn Becomes an Enterprise 2.0 Syndication Machine with API

LinkedIn Platform: a groundbreaking new opportunity for enterprises and individual executives to leverage syndication to enhance collaboration and reduce data management costs: highlights of the platform and analysis […]

Enterprise Social Networking Workshop Extends to Full Day

London enterprise social networking workshop expanded to full day, to address strategy and tactics of planning and executing corporate social networking projects, a godsend for project managers and champions […]

Introducing Twitter Value Vectors: The Key to Building a Quality Following

Introduction to Value Vectors, one of the Executive’s Guide to Twitter’s critical tools for advising firms on creating Twitter presence.. learn how to take the guesswork out of creating your Twitter community of followers […]