How to Create More Career Opportunity in 2012

Many employment or career-related discussions contain a feeling of gloom and doom, but I have noticed a paradoxical market development: that the unpredictable and volatile economy that affects all businesses and careers is actually driving more demand for expertise, but the demand doesn’t look the same to companies or workers. Here I’ll explain how this works, but even more important, I’ll give you some practical tips on using the market to your advantage (featuring social technologies).


Tips for Executive Leadership and Job Search Effectiveness

Quick guide for time-strapped executives to outperforming rivals this year by using LinkedIn, blogging and Twitter. Extensive links to free executive guides to social networks […]

LinkedIn and Facebook: Thumbnail Comparison

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LinkedIn Crowdsourcing: Writing Questions

adviceLinkedIn is a community of immense talent that you can draw on to solve any challenge you have, any many that you can’t imagine yet. LinkedIn Answers is your window into LinkedIn’s vibrant discussions, which are categorized according to topic area. Although the “Answers” vernacular is idiosyncratic (? ask “questions” to use “Answers”?), the forum is excellent.

To use Answers effectively, you need to master two basic skills: how to write engaging questions and how to answer questions so you add the most value. Here we will tackle writing questions, so read on for our first installment of LinkedIn crowdsourcing.