Enterprise Social Network Workshop Video Released

I just released a new video that highlights the drivers and content of Social Network Roadmap executive workshops. The next public workshop will be held in Los Angeles on June 24, at the Social Networking Conference. The new five-minute video is entitled Executive Preview. and it shows how the social networks are becoming increasingly relevant to the enterprise and how the workshops address sponsors’ and managers’ needs.

Executive Preview Highlights

  • The Web 2.0 ecosystem: what it is and how it affects your organization
  • Major customer platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace and Second Life: how are companies using them, and how do you know when to use them?
  • Business cases that serve as guideposts for building the case for your initiative
  • Vendors: understand the different types and how to evaluate them
  • Emerging good practices and pitfalls
  • Blueprint for planning and launching your initiative
  • Special tools to manage your initiative and outperform the market
  • For more information, see our latest video (right)

As the Social Network Roadmap will take to the road, I’ve created an events page where you can keep up with us.

View Executive Preview by clicking on its icon, and please give us your comments!

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