Cutting Edge Workshop: How to Succeed with Enterprise Social Networks

Los Angeles Workshop: Preparation and Insights

The Social Network Roadmap helps sponsors and managers of social networking initiatives to out-execute their rivals by managing risk.  The roadmap has morphed significantly since its debut almost a year ago. I presented it in workshop form in January. On June 24, I’m excited to present a pre-conference workshop in L.A. at the Social Networking Conference. Here I will outline the new agenda and tools and briefly discuss the two tracks for using the roadmap. 

How the Halfday Workshop Has Evolved

The Social Network Roadmap (SNR) has a Facebook Page, and I posted the new agenda (Facebook membership not required to view) there for Fans to discuss, and they gave some great ideas. Also got fantastic feedback on LinkedIn (membership required), where I posted the agenda as a question. I’m grateful to the people who took the time to give input. BTW, if you would like to comment as well, please do so in either forum.

What’s New: Overview of Sessions and Takeaways

The workshop will retain its format of concept overview, examples of social networks in action and Application Templates, but there’s significantly more. New material in bold:

Session 1: Executive Overview of Enterprise Social Networks (1 hour)

  • Using Twitter and Application Template
  • Using Facebook to build community and Application Template
  • Using LinkedIn for B2B busdev and Application Template
  • Using Blogs and Wikis to increase collaboration in or outside the enterprise
  • Mobile social networking overview and Application Template
  • YouTube overview and Application Template
  • Podcasting overview and Application Template
  • Second Life overview and Application Template
  • (Application Templates are summaries of indicators for when to use a platform (i.e. Facebook, YouTube) for a project)
  • Value prop: understand key social networks and types, how firms are using them and when they might apply to your business

Session 2: Business Cases and Solutions (1 hour)

  • Business case: Using social networking to grow revenue
  • Business case:  Using social networking to cut costs
  • Business case:  Using social networking to do both
  • Vendor overview: enterprise bolt-on
  • Vendor overview: white label/pureplay
  • Vendor overview: open platform (LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • Vendor selection framework
  • Some new business cases
  • Value prop: how to build a business case and how to think about vendor partners, how to evaluate them

Session 3: Blueprint for Social Network (SN) Projects (1 hour)

  • Emerging good practices and pitfalls
  • Using the Social Network Roadmap Blueprint
  • How to mitigate risk during implementation of enterprise SN initiatives
  • Auditing your enterprise’s Web 2.0 ecosystem
  • Assessing your readiness to engage SNs
  • Framework for planning, creating, launching and measuring a SN pilot
  • Tools: Using the Social Network Life Cycle Model to manage expectations and predict revenue
  • Tools: Using the Web 2.0 Adoption Curve to out-execute rivals
  • Value prop: suite of tools to plan, organize, run and measure a project (pilot); these tools significantly increase the business value you can produce and shorten to time to money

In summary, I have added to the breadth of the platforms we cover, added business case material and added significant new tools: 

  • The Social Network Life Cycle Model gives teams a framework to measure (quantitatively) the four stages of relationship development (the 4th stage is revenue), which will help them to keep focused on the right things (quantitative outcomes of developing relationships) and manage expectations (and their investment). 
  • The Web 2.0 Adoption Curve is a strategic breakthrough that can have major impact on a company’s market position because their projects will succeed, and they will build momentum while rivals are on the sidelines with failed projects.

I have also added a follow-up telesession per participating company to help them get started once they are back in the office.

The Social Network Roadmap: Enterprise and Pilot Tracks

In a related development, the Social Network Roadmap now has two tracks:

  • The Social Network Roadmap Pilot Track is focused on helping companies plan, implement and manage several pilots to build their skills, impact their customer relationships and gain experience that they can scale into larger efforts. It is appropriate for organizations that have either no real experience with social network projects or they’ve approached SNs haphazardly and want a more predictable process, so they can scale.
  • The Social Network Roadmap Enterprise Track is a comprehensive, more global offering. It helps organizations that have experience with SN projects, and they want to make them a key part of their go-to-market.

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