Personalized Mobile Experience & Social Networking: Messaging, Music & Video Trends

Consumer Mistrust Will Slow the Reality of Mobile Personalization Vision

Digital Hollywood Chicago 2007Panelists at Digital Hollywood Chicago constantly spoke about mobile as the most “personal” of the three screens—for several reasons. The phone number is individual, so all the device’s activity can be attributed to a person, whose preferences and needs can be deduced from the activity. In addition, the mobile (phone) accompanies the individual almost everywhere, so it offers a wide scope of visibility into his/her activities, location and interactions.

The mobile device will soon lose the “phone” moniker because the device morphing into a portable digital hub. “Smartphones” have seen much slower adoption than hoped, but functionality, power and capability are steadily increasing while prices fall. Apple’s iPhone was constantly mentioned as the promising breakthrough device.

Mobile devices will change relationships far more than the first screen (TV) or the second screen (computer) because they will touch everyone, their capabilities will rival laptops’ within 2-3 years, and they are inherently social. Social networking via video sharing, Web browsing, email, SMS, IM, music sharing and voice calling is on tap in the latest smartphones. The problem is, their features […]

Mobile Video & TV: Content, Advertising and Technology Strategies

Mobile Video: A Perfect Storm for User-Generated Content?

Digital Hollywood Chicago 2007At Digital Hollywood Chicago, mobile was constantly heralded as the emerging “third screen” because it would enable content consumption regardless of time or place, and most speakers posited that video would grow significantly as a portion of all content. However, there is little video content available for mobile viewing, so why should consumers get excited about it? Will mobile shine as the most personal view into the consumer, or will it turn out to be the third wheel?

All mobile value chain players are frenetically trying to build a new digital world around the mobile device, and this world will be comprised of the familiar triad: devices, networks and content, much of which will be video. Currently, video is the highest value content medium. This session examined the current stage of development to technology and business models.

Internet pioneers who remember the thrill of squealing modems connecting in the early days have a useful metaphor with which to regard video on mobile. We are very much in the early days: networks in most geos are inconsistent, and their ability to […]