SNR website soft-launched!

Glad to give a plug to the creator of this theme; it’s the most feature-rich and easiest theme I’ve yet encountered. Will be redoing the blogroll tomorrow (er, later today ,^) and adding a post.

One of the key ideas behind this site it to give interested parties a real-time thread of the Roadmap’s development.  For example, soon (shhhh) we’ll be officially unveiling the Roadmap’s beta program.  I’ll be speaking at conferences this year and next.  Here is where you can come to learn emerging issues and insights as CSRA and clients use and refine the roadmap to push the envelope while managing some of the possible downsides of aggressively adopting disruptive technology and behaviors.

I look forward to the journey!  What are your thoughts?  What would such a roadmap mean to you?

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