Social Networking Conference Case Study: Marius Ciortea on Oracle Social Networking Initiatives

Overview of Oracle Mix and other enterprise social networking initiatives […]

Social Networking Conference: Reno Marioni on Mobile Social Networking Trends

Nokia’s vision for mobile social networking, and how it plans to muscle into the higher value chain using OVI.. how mobile with transform social networking via LBS location-based services […]

Social Networking Conference Case Study: Sumaya Kazi on Sun's Social Networking Programs

Sumaya Kazi talks about several social network initiatives at Sun: executive blogging, podcasts, wikis, customer collaboration and engaging employees; excellent explanation of the latent potential of employees to drive enterprise social networking. […]

Social Networking Conference Wrap: Michael Brito on Big Brand Loyalty

Michael Brito is Intel’s chief evangelist to consumers, and he works the social network beat par excellence. Here he shares some of his insights into how big brands and engage consumers, focusing on “ingredient brand” strategy […]

Book Review/The Long Tail

A Must-read Guide to the Importance of Web 2.0 and the Knowledge Economy

longtail-cover-smThe Long Tail is a watershed book that reflects many of the profound socioeconomic changes wrought by the transition from the Industrial Economy to the Knowledge Economy. The “Long Tail” represents the splintering of the mass market—what is happening, why and how you can thrive in the new era of the niche. Moreover, it shows how the mass market was a temporary phenomenon that developed because niches were not economically viable for producers to address.

Chris Anderson is editor-in-chief of Wired, and the book has an appreciation for culture, the economics of technology and the importance of innovation. It’s also very well written: Anderson tackles some fairly abstract concepts, but the reader doesn’t trip over them. It’s possible to read the book quickly, but there is plenty of substance for a detailed, reflective reading as well. Difficult to over-recommend!

The Long Tail offers an insightful look into the byte-oriented Knowledge Economy and its movement away from the zero-sum, bits-oriented Industrial Economy—and what this holds for business and culture. The book […]