Strangle Me: Apple Awarded Web 0.2 Citation for Delivering Painful Paroxysm of Yechsperience™

Apple cited with Web 0.2 award for inflicting customer pain on Mobile me “authentication” process […]

StaySmall Wins Web 0.2 Citation for Delivering

Payment Processor Wins Web 0.2 Citation for Delivering "Yechsperience" [customer experience satire]Achieves Payor of Last Resort Status

Chicago, 13 March 2007—Today, the Global Human Capital Journal awarded StaySmall, the global payment intermediary, the odious Web 0.2 Citation for inducing a poignant bout of customer yechsperience™.

As readers know, the GHCJ exercises stringent criteria before conferring the Web 0.2 Citation: to earn it, companies must induce prolonged feelings of frustration, confusion and anguish in customers more effectively than their competitors.

Tonight, StaySmall delivered in spades, as reported by the judges. Here is a summarized account of the findings…


Steve Jobs Tribute: Behind the Fierce Competitor and Exacting Boss

Steve Jobs Tribute: Behind the Fierce Competitor and Exacting Boss, the ardent desire to serve connected the creator, the visionary and the executive.

stevejobs_portraitMuch has been written about Steve Jobs the creator, the technology visionary and the enterprise leader, but none of these personas entirely get to his essence. Steve Jobs was all these things, par excellence, but what deeply touched and inspired Apple’s customers and what made Steve bearable as a boss was an unconscious yet poignant feeling that he was there to serve people. He flew the flag of The Rest of Us. Unswervingly. Vehemently.

Without this higher calling, Steve would have been merely a successful tyrant. However, Steve’s commitment compelled thousands of brilliant and highly intelligent people to work for him and millions of customers to feel that Apple stood for something rare. Beige boxes and senseless software are optimized for profit, but Steve loathed mediocrity and its inherent compromises because they didn’t serve people, they acted at the expense of people. The desire to serve drove Steve Jobs, the creator, the leader and the innovator. Steve would never […]

Year in Review—2009/Enterprise Social Networking Gains Legs on Heavy Seas

2009 year in review: insider’s knowledge of Web 2.0 adoption, enterprise 2.0, enterprise twitter, facebook for business, enterprise linkedin, the economy and social networking platforms. Case studies, analysis and practical advice for bypassing competitors. […]

Our first Web 0.2 Citation—Grace Bank Lost in Commodityland

Bank Wins Web 0.2 Citation for Delivering "Yechsperience" [customer experience satire](**Updated) Marketing Outlays Sabotaged by Sub-par Process Execution

Chicago, 29 November 2006—Today, the Global Human Capital Journal awarded Grace Bank, the top three credit card issuer, its notorious Web 0.2 Citation for inducing an acute spasm of customer yechsperience™.

This citation demonstrates how exceptionally poor service destroys brand despite kind words and happy pictures from Marketing. Although Grace employed a somewhat formulaic approach, it demonstrated laudable skill at producing customer irritation and angst.