American Express: Bearish U.S. Economy Will Drive Social Networking Adoption

The use of social networking sites will increase; people will shift to a strong family focus because they will be poorer. Older workers will get computer literate due to going back to work and working longer. […]

Fraud in Social Networks: FBI Countercrime Initiatives

It’s more obvious than ever that the same crimes are committed (think “calamity,” not “Katrina”), but perpetrators switch interfaces. For example, my experience of the London scam happened via Facebook chat. Abstract up from the communications process or the subject and you’ll be more aware of the patterns. […]

Case Study: IBM's Experience with B2B Social Business

The example was IBM’s corporate social responsibility and green initiative. They realized it would be incongruent or unsavory to have a (physical) conference for green initiatives in which people would burn tons of CO2 getting there, so they held it in Second Life. The sales conversion ratio was equal to physical conferences. […]

Alcatel-Lucent Study: Social Networkers Not Very Social

Highlights of Alcatel-Lucent’s recent marketing study of 1,000 social networkers, presented by CMO Allison Cerra at #snc2010: Social networkers are not very social; Heavy users of Web 2.0 will pay for value-added services; Privacy is murky […]

CDC Social Business Case Study

CDC’s social media experience shows how powerful social business can be when the organization is aligned with peer-to-peer sharing (word of mouth). Moreover, budget limits and their public focus compel them to rely people to educate each other with CDC information. […]

Case Study: Miami Dolphins Use of Social Networking

Social networking insights from the Miami Dolphins’ Jim Rushton, SVP Corporate Partnerships and Integrated Media […]

Case Study: Seattle Seahawks & Seattle Sounders

How the Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Sounders are using social networking and social media to engage fans online and offline […]

Preview: Social Networking Conference Miami 2010

Preview of the Social Networking Conference Miami 2010: select topics and insights […]

Case Study: Dior's Haute Couture Crowdsourcing

Fascinating story of crowdsourcing in the high fashion industry. Dior’s head of social media shares a behind-the-curtain view of Dior’s “The Lady Noir Affair,” starring Marion Cotillard. […]

PricewaterhouseCoopers Social Business Case Study

Salvatore Reina shares insights about PricewaterhouseCoopers’ global social networking initiatives.. highlights of internal projects and client engagements […]