February Events to Feature LinkedIn and Twitter

news_flashThis week I will speak at the Illinois Technology Association at TechNexus downtown about how marketing executives are using Twitter to enhance their relationships with stakeholders, and the Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn will complete its current seminar cycle.  Next week, I will kick off a private webinar series for a global travel group.  Read on for more on these events.

The Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn Wraps Q1 Seminar Series

seminarsAs long-time subscribers know, I offer public “open enrollment” seminars opportunistically, when my schedule permits, and the current cycle to end this week with an all-day session in Wheaton on February 6.  As a Collaborative Seminar, it will offer integrated yet self-standing morning and afternoon sessions.  The morning will introduce the Key Concepts and tools for creating business value with LinkedIn, while the afternoon is the laptop session that is open to alumni and participants of the morning session.  There is still space available, so if you know someone who would appreciate the time or locale, please refer to the public seminar home page.

During the last two weeks, I have finalized agreements with three organizations about doing private (company) consulting and education on LinkedIn.  Executives are interested in having their teams use whatever edge they can.  The global webinar series pilot will cover much of the same material as we address in seminars, but it will deliver the information in smaller installments.

A Marketing Executive’s Guide to Twitter

egti_logoTwitter is the new Web 2.0 darling of 2008 that will become completely mainstream for the Early majority in 2009. It’s increasingly making headlines and minting overnight citizen journalists (see #hudsonriver) because Twitter has an entire ecosystem of web applications around it, many of which add picture sharing capability as well as text.

Twitter is a microblogging site or those of you who have yet to be introduced. If you will be in Chicago Wednesday, February 4, I invite you to participate in the Marketing Round Table, where I will give an overview of Twitter and other microblogs, share case studies and lead a discussion. If not, search this blog for “twitter” or see my del.icio.us tags for a compendium of choice articles. To learn more or to register, see the ITA events page.

I hope to see you at these events!

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