Save the Date: The Executive's Guide to LinkedIn Seminars Announced in Chicago, Wheaton

seminarsI am pleased to announce that I just confirmed two new dates for Chicago-area seminars, LinkedIn Core Value Realization: May 17, 2008 at the University of Chicago’s Gleacher Center and June 12, 2008 at the IIT Wheaton Campus. In addition, I’m happy to say that my partnership with Samurai on the March 11 launch went really well, so we are moving forward together with the series.

Core Value Realization is designed primarily for executives who have been members of LinkedIn for a while but who are wondering where the beef is. What’s the value proposition? How can you use LinkedIn to accomplish things that are important to you, as an individual and as a company leader?

What makes this seminar different is that participants learn some of the many nuances of LinkedIn’s advanced features and how they can use them together to accomplish real business goals. Even more important, though, is that participants leave with a LinkedIn plan that they can put into practice right away:

As a business executive, you know the importance of strategy, realistic goals and measurements in making things happen. Why shouldn’t you apply these concepts to LinkedIn, to developing relationships that matter?

For more details, please see the seminar backgrounder. If you would like me to keep you up to date, please feel free to sign up for a free subscription for my monthly newsletter digest:

Update on April 15: I’m pleased to provide more details and that registration is open, courtesy of Samurai, on the details and registration page. Don’t overlook the pictures from the last event!

3 comments to Save the Date: The Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn Seminars Announced in Chicago, Wheaton

  • Dick Barton

    I am new to LinkedIn but so far am enjoying the experience and have found some potential for business. I look forward to learning more at one of your seminars very soon.

  • Dick, I look forward to having you in the seminar. Once you understand some of the key techniques for using LinkedIn to meet your goals, and how its tools work together, imagination is the main driver.. envisioning what people you can find, approach and collaborate with.

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