The Mobile Competency Center at the Chief Digital Office

The Mobile Competency Center at the Chief Digital Office is dedicated to helping digital executives use mobile to transform their firm’s relationships with people. It features reports, thought leadership, presentations and other assets that focus on envisioning, planning and pursuing mobile initiatives that engage people in new ways, innovate new offerings, and create new revenue streams. The Chief Digital Office has competency centers in social business, ecommerce, big data and mobile.

Point of View

“Mobile” is a striking phenomenon with a powerful secret: most early adopters still focus on devices, software and business cases, but they aren’t the real story…* “Mobile” offers breakthrough options for recreating relationships with firm stakeholders in many dimensions, so it’s an extremely powerful part of the Chief Digital Office. Since mobile is everywhere by definition, it infuses all human activity with computing capability. The challenge for digital executives is as banal as it is real: to form and execute a coherent strategy that sharpens competitiveness by serving people better. That’s what the Mobile Competency Center is all about.

Vision: Where do we start?

Mobile is fast-moving and amorphous, so it can be difficult to find the right starting point. In addition, it gives a new meaning to the expression “moving parts” because smartphones, tablets and laptops are not the half of it; machines, appliances, vehicles and other “smart devices” are increasingly computer-mobile-enabled, so they are exploding the type of “devices” and data that are available. Since mobile has so many variables, creating a coherent strategy can be challenging. By starting with the people you want to serve, you clear away much of the fog.

Strategy: How do we optimize what we have now with where we need to go?

All organizations exist to serve people, so it’s very useful to begin by: defining people your firm serves, ranking them in importance to the firm and identifying how they interact online. The best way to serve all people is to start with those whose impact on the firm’s business is great and who have particular challenges that can be served by mobile. A fast, efficient way to understand people is to analyze their interactions in digital social venues, many of which are mobile. People talk about their most exciting opportunities and most frustrating challenges online. This also reveals what devices people use to do things, an immense help to creating a strategy that’s relevant to people using mobile and other devices.

Execution: How do we invest while mitigating risk?

Firms that ground their mobile strategies in serving high-priority people can focus small, targeted investments to test their strategies before they make large technology investments. They begin by aligning themselves with the people they want to serve, who use the most efficient “technology” or “channel” to reach their goals.

*Mobile means much more than devices and networks: behind the scenes, ubiquitous computing is becoming a reality. Fixed and mobile devices increasingly communicate with each other to serve people automatically, creating a fused physical-digital world.

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CSRA uses a holistic approach to help CDOs, CEOs and boards to use mobile for transformation. We develop and validate a thorough view of stakeholder behavior by analyzing digital social, mobile and device interactions. Then we create strategy to put mobile in context, evaluate current programs, and focus new pilots on adding value to people’s outcomes. To learn more, see How We Work or contact me.

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Mobile/Digital/Transform Reference

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Mobile/Digital/Transform Discussions

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